10 Bereavement Gift Ideas to Express Your Sympathy

Bereavement Gift Ideas

When a loved one experiences a significant loss, you probably want to do something to ease their pain. However, knowing what the right thing to say or do can be really challenging. One great way to show your support is to send a bereavement gift to help cheer them up and lift their spirits. Here’s how to choose the best bereavement gift ideas that will convey all of the things you just can’t find the words to say.

How to Choose a Bereavement Gift

Choosing a bereavement gift can be tough. You want to support your loved one, but it can be difficult to express how you’re feeling in the right words. However, remember that anything you do to show sympathy and support will be appreciated. You don’t have to worry about saying the “right” thing or buying the “perfect” gift. Just being there and showing that you care is enough.

One of the best sympathy gifts you can give is food. People who are grieving often don’t have the time or energy to cook good, nutritious meals. Instead, you can give them a gift basket full of delicious treats that will taste great and tide them over until their next real meal. Choose an arrangement from Edible Arrangements® for a delicious treat that looks just as good as it tastes. Or, consider a gift basket with some comforting soup or tea.

To go a different route, choose a memorial gift that honors the loved one they lost. This gift will remind them of their loved one (and you) every time they look at it. Consider a keepsake box or memorial necklace.

Top 10 Bereavement Gift Ideas

Coming up with a bereavement gift can be challenging. That’s why we’ve gathered up ten bereavement gift ideas that show how much you care:

1. Peace & Doves Daisy™

Peace & Doves Daisy

This delectable arrangement features white chocolate covered dove-shaped pineapple, along with an assortment of fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, and more. It’s all delicately arranged in a keepsake ceramic container.

Cost: $49.99

2. Deepest Sympathies FruitFlowers®

Deepest Sympathies FruitFlowers®

Indulgent strawberries are covered in semisweet chocolate and topped with white chocolate drizzle. A beautiful bouquet of freshly-cut blooms and greenery comes along with the dipped fruit for a combination that will help lift your loved one’s spirits.

Cost: $84.99

3. Sympathy Soup Gift Baskets

Sympathy Soup Gift Baskets

This basket is packed with treats that will warm the soul and lift the spirits. It comes with a 64-ounce jar of your choice of soup from six delicious classics, six bacci rolls, six cookies, and a ladle.

Cost: $79.99

4. I’ll Be There Necklace

I'll Be There Necklace

This necklace features 22K gold-plated brass with two trees standing together. It comes escribed with a sweet poem about moving on after loss, with the words, “Just look beside you and I’ll be there.”

Cost: $102.00

5. Sympathy Heart Candle

Sympathy Heart Candle

This handmade lovely heart candle holder features a powerful message that remarks how the one who has passed continues to light up the world after they have gone. It can be personalized with a name and date on the inside too.

Cost: $44.95

6. Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

With this windcatcher, your loved one will be reminded of the one they lost whenever the wind blows. Made of metal and wood, it features a personalized diamond-shaped pendant that’s custom engraved with a name and memorial date.

Cost: $48.79

7. Tea and Sympathy Gift Box

Tea and Sympathy Gift Box

This gift box is packed with sweet treats designed to soothe a hurting heart. It includes a plethora of tasty treats, such as orange pistachio shortbread, raspberry cookies, chai tea, wildflower honey, and much more.

Cost: $70.50

8. My Condolences Gift Basket

My Consolences Gift Basket

This basket sends your encouragement and support even when you can’t be there. It features sesame crackers, salami, hummus, olives, cheese spread, lemon cakes, coconut macaroons, brownies, cookies, and so much more.

Cost: $74.95

9. Sympathy Gift Box

Sympathy Gift Box

A little greenery can go a long way in cheering someone up. This box comes with a live, healthy succulent in a cute little pot, a scented hand-poured soy candle, a box of sea salt caramels, matches, and more.

Cost: $34.84

10. They Are A Treasure Personalized Memorial Box

They Are A Treasure Personalized Memorial Box

Made with top quality, oak grain wood, this box holds a 4×6 photo and is engraved with a memorial name and date. It’s ideal for holding all of your favorite physical keepsakes from times spent with the one they lost, such as ticket stubs, brochures, postcards, photos, letters, and so much more.

Cost: $39.99

These bereavement gifts might not take the pain away, but they will help convey how much you care and support your loved one during their time of need.