A “Beary” Happy Ending


There’s a special feeling that results from putting a smile on someone’s face, and we at Edible® LOVE having the opportunity to do this for our Guests! We recently received a letter (yes, a handwritten letter!) from an awesome aunt who was desperately trying to find one of our cuddly plush Daisy Bears for her niece, Paesyn.

When Paesyn was born, she was given a Daisy Bear, and ever since, Daisy Bear has traveled wherever Paesyn goes. This little guy hasn’t left her side for over 3 years! Believe it or not, Paesyn’s mother shared that Daisy Bear was even featured in their family photos. Today, even though her bear is falling apart, Paesyn refuses to give him up.

After reading Paesyn’s story, we knew we HAD to send Paesyn a couple of snuggly bears, including a brand new Daisy Bear. Even though Daisy Bear was discontinued, we knew we had to track one down so we could continue making her smile just like we’ve been so honored to do for the past few years! After lots of searching, we finally found one!

We were so delighted to hear how happy Paesyn was when she received the surprise knock on the door with her new “beary” special friends. There is no greater feeling than knowing how happy Paesyn was receiving her bears and that we were able to make her day!