10 Awesome 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

A 30th birthday is a big milestone in any guy’s life. He’s just finishing up the wild ride of his twenties and settling down for his more mature thirties. You want to get him something really special for this big milestone, but choosing a gift isn’t as easy as it may seem. He probably already has a lot of the things he wants. Additionally, he also doesn’t have a lot of free time on his hands in favor of more pressing matters like starting a family or advancing in his career. Luckily, we’ve gathered up ten amazing 30th birthday gifts to help give you some ideas.

How to Choose a 30th Birthday Gift for Him

When it comes to choosing a 30th birthday gift, your first step is to consider the hobbies and interests that really light him up. If he’s into professional sports, for example, choose a blueprint of his favorite sports team’s stadium. Or, maybe he’s really into cooking and some new grilling accessories, like a Himalayan salt plank, would make more of an impact. Try to scope out some of the things that he likes to do, and you’re sure to come up with a gift that goes along with one of those interests.

One gift that never goes out of fashion is a festive and delicious food gift. Consider a delectable arrangement from Edible Arrangements® that combines rich, semisweet chocolate and your favorite fresh fruit or one of our bakery confections, such as cupcakes or cookies.

Top 10 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Don’t panic if you just can’t come up with a gift idea for the guy in your life that’s worthy of a 30th birthday. Here are ten 30th birthday gift ideas for him:

1. Delicious Birthday Wishes

Delicious Birthday Wishes

This sweet surprise says Happy Birthday in style. It features chocolate dipped pineapple cupcakes topped with sprinkles, apple bites covered in decadent semisweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, a variety of fresh fruit, and three festive birthday balloons.

Cost: $85.99

2. Happy Birthday Fruit And Dessert Platter

Happy Birthday Fruit And Dessert Platter

This platter features an assortment of rich cheesecakes with graham cracker crusts topped with fresh fruit, chocolate-dipped fruit, and whipped topping. It also comes with strawberries covered in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $59.99

3. AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station

Keep your loved one informed of the conditions in and outside of his home with just a glance. This weather station displays a forecast pulled from data from the included sensor to give you the most accurate forecast for your exact location that’s miles ahead of any weather app.

Cost: $60.99

4. Level 30 Unlocked Shirt

Level 30 Unlocked Shirt

He’s finally reached the 30th level of the video game called life. This t-shirt is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes in your choice of 15 amazing colors (including multiple versions of tie-dye).

Cost: $11.24

5. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Make

The smooth, rich taste of cold-brewed coffee will make his mornings so much better. Plus, making coffee couldn’t be any easier with this cold brewer. It does all the heavy lifting filtering water through ground coffee for up to 24 hours.

Cost: $45.95

6. Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Elevate his grilling game with this Himalayan salt plank. Salt has a stable crystal structure that allows it to hold heat and cook evenly. Plus, cooking on salt gives your food an enhanced flavor profile over that of a frying pan.

Cost: $30.00

7. Star Wars™ Corkcicle

Star Wars™ Corkcicle

Choose your loved one’s favorite Star Wars character, from Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, C3PO, or R2D2 with this fun, themed tumbler. Triple insulated, it will keep hot drinks hot for nine hours and cold drinks cold for up to three hours.

Cost: $34.95

8. FreshJax Hot & Spicy Seasonings Gift Set

FreshJax Hot & Spicy Seasonings Gift Set

If he likes to keep things spicy, this seasoning gift set is for him. It comes with six seriously spicy seasonings for a variety of uses, including grilling, adding to snacks, or topping your favorite meals.

Cost: $24.95

9. Urban Armor Gear UAG Large Sleeve with Carrying Handle

Urban Armor Gear UAG Large Sleeve with Carrying Handle

Ensure his laptop is always stays snug and protected with this waterproof and wear-resistant carrying case. It’s slim enough to slip into a backpack or bag, but it also provides enough protection to keep his gear looking like new for longer.

Cost: $59.95

10. Professional Baseball Blueprint

Professional Baseball Blueprint

If he’s a sports fan, he’ll appreciate this detailed blueprint of his favorite stadium. You can choose from all the major sports teams, including professional baseball, professional football, college football, professional soccer, and much more.

Cost: $60.00

Choosing the perfect 30th birthday gift can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be so hard. Think about his hobbies and interests and consult this list for ideas, and you’re sure to be on the right path.