Available Nationwide! Edible Arrangements® Ships Anywhere in the U.S.


There are hundreds of Edible Arrangements® stores across the country that deliver locally, but in areas where we don’t have a local store nearby just yet, we’ve still got you (chocolate) covered. Did you know that Edible Arrangements® can deliver almost anywhere in the United States?

If there is no store close enough to offer local delivery, you can still order one of our gourmet chocolate dipped fruit boxes! How? We use a small network of select Edible Arrangements® stores to ship our gourmet chocolate dipped fruit through UPS into these areas. By having local stores create every order, we know that every guest will be treated to chocolate dipped fruit that’s made using our Fruit Expert® know-how. These orders are also then specially packaged and shipped for next day delivery, ensuring that the fruit is just as fresh when it reaches your door.

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