The Best Anniversary Gifts During Covid

Top Anniversary Gifts During Covid

Every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate! And, as we all endured the last year of Covid, every couple likely celebrated their anniversary. For some, they missed their first anniversary, while other couples celebrate big milestones like their 25th anniversary. However, regardless of the years, these accomplishments deserve to be celebrated. But, as we navigate the current environment, the main anniversary celebrations are not ideal for everyone. Fortunately, from preparing our favorite dishes to planning for future trips, there are plenty of amazing anniversary gift ideas during Covid!

How to Choose Anniversary Gifts During Covid

From choosing anniversary gifts for your partner, parents, friends or anyone in your network, there are plenty of options. For example, choosing an anniversary gift for your partner requires more intimacy. Conversely, selecting a gift for your parents, while personal, requires some different demands. And, picking gifts for one of your favorite couples require even more nuance. In particular, finding anniversary gifts during Covid is depends on how the couple has navigated the last year or so. Did the couple take up a new hobby? Or, did one of them endure Covid? Has the couple started a new home project with their extra time? Knowing how much life has been altered impacts the type of anniversary gift that makes the most sense for the special couple. Fortunately, the standard gift giving process still works! Take some time to consider their hobbies and choose something that will help make their life easier or free up a bit of time.

Top 10 Anniversary Gifts During Covid

If you’re not sure what to get your partner, your favorite happy couple or anyone else in your life celebrating an anniversary, don’t worry. Here are some great anniversary gifts during Covid that offer a mix of home comfort and the sense of romance.

1. Blooming Hearts & Chocolate

15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Blooming Hearts & Chocolate

Celebrate your anniversary with a take on the traditional chocolate and flowers! Especially if your partner loves sweets, this arrangement is packed with a box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates and features caramels, nutty clusters, and buttercreams. It also includes an arrangement with pineapple hearts, strawberries, and chocolate dipped strawberries. A great anniversary gift during Covid that matches the comforts of your favorite foods while also setting the romantic mood.

Cost: $106.98

2. Sweetheart FruitFlowers®

Sweetheart FruitFlowers®

Get her a combination that’s sure to delight as much as any Covid anniversary gift. The set comes with a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries with swirls of white chocolate and a bouquet filled with white and lavender blooms nestled in with some terrific greenery.

Cost: $92.99

3. Venus et Fleur Le Mini™ Square

Venus et Fleur Le Mini™ Square

What is better than some anniversary flowers? Anniversary flowers that last the entire year! Surprise her with a box of ruby red roses, which last for a full year. In a classic Parisian-hat box inspired box, this classic arrangement features nine stunning roses that have been carefully preserved to last.

Cost: $84.00

4. Ruby Wedding Anniversary Heart

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Heart

Get her a handmade framed ruby 3D butterfly heart personalized with your names and wedding date. A romantic anniversary gift that provides some special and personal meaning. According to the creator, each butterfly represents the love that flies into your heart and flies back out to carry their love to others.

Cost: $140.30

5. Let’s Toast Candle

15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Let's Toast Candle

Made with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and orange with base notes of champagne, this candle provides the perfect scent for celebration. After a year at home, this candle offers a great anniversary gift during Covid to help transform your house! Made from a natural soy wax blend, it’s non-toxic and features a burn time of 60 to 80 hours, so the candle will last for quite some time.

Cost: $34.00

6. Personalized Puzzle Anniversary Gift

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples: Personalized Puzzle Anniversary Gift

Did your favorite couple take up some new hobbies during Covid? This puzzle offers a great home-based activity and contains 210 pieces for a challenge your favorite couple can complete together. Once your favorite couple finishes the puzzle, they’ll uncover a beautiful photo of the two of them on their wedding day, along with the words, “Happy Anniversary.”

7. Wedding Song Print

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples: Wedding Song Print

As many couples turn to home renovations and design, this anniversary gift during Covid mixes nostalgia with a sentimental gift. This piece of wall art commemorates their wedding song in a whole new way by featuring two sheet music stanzas, the title of the song, and the lyrics of the song in your choice of color and style. It is a great gift that celebrates their love and helps with update their home!

Cost: $89.00

8. Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

If your favorite couple is itching to return to parties, then get them a silver beverage tub they can use at their next backyard. Made of galvanized, rust-proof metal, it’s made to chill tons of your favorite beverages. Plus, it can be engraved with the couple’s last name and year of marriage, which makes it a terrific anniversary gift during Covid.

Cost: $34.49

9. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples: Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Let your loved ones send heartfelt messages to each other anytime with this sweet spinning heart box. Whenever you send a message, the chunky heart on the box spins to alert the recipient who can then read the message on the mirrored screen inside. It is a unique idea for the house-bound couple and stirs up some romance that may have waned over the last year.

Cost: $100.00

10. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples: The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

Did you and your spouse or favorite couple pick up cooking during Covid? If so, then this cookbook is a great anniversary gift because it teaches the ins and outs of cooking for two. It has been expertly developed to deliver guaranteed-to-work recipes for two, innovative cooking strategies, waste-saving tips, and so much more.

Cost: $25.38

Top 10 Covid Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Anniversary gifts for parents are always a little tricky. What type of gift shows your parents how much you care and love them? Additionally, during the Covid pandemic, some of the classic gifts like taking them out to dinner, are not viable options for many folks. So, if you’re not sure what to get your parents, here are some great ideas for those Covid anniversary gifts for parents.

1. Lovely Surprise Bundle

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents: Lovely Surprise Bundle

For parents, family is everything. So, this bundle embraces the “family dinner” mindset with a little bit of everything for everyone in the family. It includes strawberries covered in decadent chocolate, freshly baked cookies, a box of chocolates, and a gourmet Belgian chocolate “I love you” pop that makes a great Covid anniversary gift for your parents.

2. Blooming Hearts Dipped Berries™

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples: Blooming Hearts Dipped Berries

Celebrate your parent’s love with this arrangement full of chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple hearts, and more. They’re all artfully arranged in a sweet “XO” container that your favorite couple can use long after the fruit is gone.

Cost: $79.99

3. Personalized Cutting Board

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents: Personalized Cutting Board

Did your parents embrace cooking at home during the pandemic? If so, then this personalized cutting board makes a thoughtful anniversary gift because it commemorates the number of years they have spent together. Made with your choice of cherry, maple, or walnut wood, it comes engraved with your parents’ names and their date of marriage.

Cost: $64.00

4. Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray

Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray

As the pandemic starts to turn, parents are looking forward to hosting extended family members and friends into their home. So, these unique trays make a great Covid anniversary gift for parents! They are made of burnished leather and feature an elegant foil monogram, so they’re just the right place to store all of your odds and ends and keep the clutter down as guests head over to their home.

Cost: $99.00

  1. Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

The personal approach always offers a sentimental approach to gifts for your parents. With this personalized wall art, the canvas print tells the story of when your parents first met and then married. Not only will your parents enjoy the trip down memory lane, but you’ll love hearing the stories about your parents during their youth!

Cost: $59.99

6. Capresso ® EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Capresso ® EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

During the Covid pandemic, we all got used to being home, so help your parents enjoy some luxury every morning with this espresso machine that features two sieves to create one or two cups of rich, thick crema espresso. It also comes with a frother to prepare milk for cappuccinos or lattes. An easy to use, espresso machine is a great anniversary gift if your parents are coffee lovers.

Cost: $129.00

7. Wedding Anniversary Pebble Painting

40th Wedding Anniversary Pebble Painting

Lots of people embraced home improvement during the pandemic. This pebble painting depicts your parents sitting on a log and watching a heart-shaped moon and makes a great addition to any home. Each picture can be personalized down to the smallest detail as well, so you can make some fine tuned enhancements that shows your parents how much you care about them.

Cost: $63.23

  1. Anniversary Serving Tray

Anniversary Serving Tray

Show your parents how much they’ve taught you about life and love. With this serving tray, which is made from mango wood with a laminate top, you can express the saying that love doesn’t grow on trees! Plus, you can customize the serving tray with your parents initials. They will love sharing the story behind the tray as they start to entertain in the post-pandemic world.

Cost: $65.00

9. Personalized Custom Wedding Anniversary Willow Tree

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Personalized Custom Wedding Anniversary Willow Tree

If your parents appreciate unique pieces of art, then consider this willow tree wall art! It features your parent’s names carved into the heart in the tree with their anniversary date underneath. A personal and sentimental gift is something that will make your parents hears smile.

Cost: $42.94

10. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

For those foodie parents, get them a one-stop appliance that does it all. This countertop grill sears, sizzles, and air fries, while featuring all the BTU cooking power of an outdoor grill to bring outdoor grill flavors to your parents’ countertop. A great Covid anniversary gift idea as your parents look to entertain in the near future!

Cost: $179.99

Celebrating achievements and miles like an anniversary is a great way to make it through difficult periods. Just because some of our typical options are limited, doesn’t mean we can’t find unique and romantic anniversary gifts.