10 Amazing Gift Ideas for College Students

Gift Ideas for College Students

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Do you have a daughter or son, nephew or niece, friend or coworker going off to college? Finding a gift for your loved one as they start this new journey in life can be a challenge. College is fun and exciting, but it’s also a lot of work and can be stressful for students. A carefully selected gift can help your loved one through a bought of homesickness, give some life advice, or help provide some creature comforts away from home.

How to Choose a Gift for a College Student

First, you can opt for something useful for their dorm room, like a toothbrush or throw blanket. Or, you can opt for tasty treat they can enjoy while missing out on mom’s home cooking. You could also get them something inspirational that shows just how much potential they hold at this point in their lives. Whatever you end up choosing, the college student in your life is sure to appreciate the kind gesture and understand just how much they mean to you.

Amazing Gift Ideas for College Students

Here are 10 amazing gift ideas for college students. Choose one of these gifts or use them as inspiration for your own, unique idea.

  1. Edible® Donuts – Colorfully Glazed

Edible® Donuts – Colorfully Glazed

Our delicious Edible® Donuts are made from crisp, Granny Smith apples, dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate. Next, they’re decorated with a colorful chocolate glaze and topped with sprinkles. They’re perfect for any college student looking for a healthy and delicious treat.

Cost: $34.99

  1. Move Mountains Necklace

Move Mountains Necklace

In addition to its elegant beauty, this necklace also has a motivating message. On the package, it states, “Trust yourself, know your worth — don’t just climb mountains, move them.” It’s all about inspiring the receiver not to settle for anything, to find her passion, and pursue what sets her soul on fire.

Cost: $39.00

  1. Spikeball


Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It typically requires two, two-player teams, but also can be played one on one. It’s perfect for any college student looking for a fun way to pass the time between classes.

Cost: $53.00

  1. Sonicare Essence Electronic Toothbrush

Sonicare Essence Electronic Toothbrush

Sometimes, personal hygiene falls by the wayside for even the most well-intentioned college student. That’s why this electric toothbrush is so great. It lets you know when you’ve spent the optimal amount of time on each section of your mouth and has a signal when your total time is up.

Cost: $39.99

  1. West Elm Coziest Throw

West Elm Coziest Throw

For a college student who’s missing the comforts of home, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy, soft blanket to study. With five attractive colors, you’re sure to find one that fits with the décor of any college student’s dorm room.

Cost: $39.00

  1. Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

If the college student in your life is planning to study abroad, then they need this international travel adapter. It includes one EU power cable and three international adapters that support outlets in North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Japan, China, and more.

Cost: $36.99

  1. Swell Rose Gold Water Bottle

Swell Rose Gold Water Bottle

This beautiful, rose gold water bottle encourages anyone to drink more water throughout the day. It’s perfect for college students to fill in the morning, throw in their bag, and take with them to classes all day. Its triple-walled insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours.

Cost: $42.00

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation)

For the techie college student, the Echo Dot is a perfect gift. With the Echo Dot, they can play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, set timers and alarms, and more – all completely hands-free.

Cost: $49.99

  1. Lululemon Take Me to Studio Bag

Lululemon Take Me to Studio Bag

For a college student who loves going to the gym, this bag is essential. It fits all of your studio essentials and includes interior pockets to keep your sweaty gear separate. It’s also perfect for weekend getaways with friends.

Cost: $49.00

  1. Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary

With the Ticket Stub Diary, your favorite college student you can preserve memories from concerts, trips, museums, movies, and more. The book comes with clear sleeves to fit various ticket sizes, with room to write down the details of their memories.

Cost: $17.72

Choose any one of these ideas for a thoughtful and kind gift for the college student in your life. No matter what you choose, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness!