Administrative Professionals Day Infographic: Surprising Stats about Appreciation

Admininstrative Professional Day Infographic

Administrative Professionals Week is always the last full week in April and Administrative Professionals Day is the Wednesday of that week. Will you be celebrating your team with a fresh thank you gift this year?

If your company celebrates this holiday in honor of administrative professionals, you probably already know that showing your appreciation for your support team can have a positive impact  — both on their individual job satisfaction and performance, and on your business! For example, employee engagement and recognition make a big impact on keeping key staff members.

“According to a Inc. and a recent survey from Ladders of 16,500 of its job-switching members, the researchers got a surprise. People do not quit their jobs because of money. Rather, good employees leave good jobs due to lack of recognition. In particular, employees want to remain engaged and understood. As a result, frequently, good employees note boredom (lack of engagement) and hours (lack of understanding their work/life needs).”

But if you don’t celebrate (yet), check out this infographic for some surprising stats about appreciation that might make you think differently about sending a business gift for Administrative Professionals Day.

Admininstrative Professional Day Infographic

Why Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

If you feel like your company routinely celebrates the work of the admin staff and don’t think administrative professionals day fits with your company culture, then think again! For example, the staffing agency Robert Half, conducted a survey of high performing companies, and how they acknowledge contributions by staff at all levels.

“Administrative professionals provide real benefits to the people they support and the organization at large, and their work doesn’t go unnoticed. Of the senior managers polled in a new OfficeTeam survey, 87 percent said their company is at least somewhat effective at recognizing employees for good performance.”

Additionally, as according to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (originally, one of the initial sponsors of Administrative Professionals Day), more than 22 million admin professionals work in the United States. Plus, as the roles of an “admin” differs from person to person and company to company, administrative professionals wear many hats throughout the working world. So, take advantage of Administrative Professionals Week and reward, acknowledge and engage the critical staff within your companies that routinely go above and beyond their regular duties. In the end, you’ll create a better company culture and help retain your crucial team members. Plus, everyone loves a reason to celebrate, so Administrative Professionals Day offers a great opportunity to bring some spring cheer into the office.

How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

From office parties and team lunches that acknowledge the entire admin staff to personal thank you notes, there are plenty of way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day. However, for some teams looking to stand out and reward key admin staff, there are some unique ways to celebrate the week.

  • A Day of Rest

Administrative staff members work really hard and typically receive little in return. To help make up for the hours and stressful times, consider giving them some extra rest and relaxation!

“Administrative professionals work hard, and it can be difficult to find personal time to unwind. Give them some extra vacation days to recharge or spend time doing things they enjoy. If extra vacation time isn’t feasible, consider a gift card to a local spa or their favorite restaurant or tickets to a cultural or sporting event.”

  • A Day of Fun

Many people think team building activities don’t work, but with roughly 80% of the US workforce reporting stress at work, we need to have some more fun in the office. Plus, fun team building activities are shown to boost productivity. So, find a worthwhile activity, like an ice cream challenge.

“Everyone loves a delicious treat. The Ice Cream Making Challenge provides a little competition with some hands-on learning and a lot of fun. When the liquid nitrogen is poured out of its special container it creates a very dramatic cloud of smoke and evokes oohs and aahs from your group. Watch your staff become children again as they wave their hands, arms, and bodies through the cloud.”

  • A Day of Development

Good employees want to continue learning. However, most corporate development is required and a little boring. As a change of pace, offer a personal day of development that allows your admin staff to learn something (anything) that they want to learn. It may or may not have to do with their role, but engaging their curiosity helps them engage in their work.

“Mandatory training is already a part of being an admin, but what about teaching them what they want to learn? Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.” Letting your admins pick a class or seminar of interest and footing the bill accomplishes both of these things. They learn something and appreciate not having to pay for it, and you get more skilled staff.”

  • Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas

Looking for some ideas for Administrative Professionals Day gifts?

Administrative professionals provide the grease that keeps the organizational machine running. Plus, these under-the-radar roles typically lack the recognition they deserve. So, during Administrative Professionals Week, give these crucial team members the recognition with a gift. To help, check out these professional gifts ideas that really show your gratitude.

“Start a new tradition this year with a large fresh fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. Many of our arrangements come in multiple sizes so you can choose the perfect arrangement that’s perfect for just one person or one that’s ideal for a large department or office to share. If you work at a relatively large office, these extra-large arrangements are a wonderful way to celebrate all the administrative professionals that work there.”

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