A Win for the Fruit Experts® in Rocket Fuel’s Social Media Space Race Contest


Here at Edible Arrangements®, we love a little healthy competition. So when we heard about a social media contest hosted by media-buying and advertising solutions company Rocket Fuel, we were definitely up for the challenge.  Our team of Fruit Experts® ultimately took home the win for the east region, earning bragging rights and a trip to Las Vegas!

In the Space Race contest, Rocket Fuel invited teams to craft digital “ad-libs.” Each team then had to upload their ad-lib to Facebook, and fans voted on each submission to determine the winners.

To create our winning ad-lib, dozens of Edible Arrangements® corporate team members offered up nouns, adjectives, and industry buzz words to help complete the first part of the assignment. Then, our Ecommerce creative team collaborated on a visual concept to bring the resulting story to life. We posted the story to Facebook, and got to work to earn votes for our team. You can check out our winning submission, Don’t Eat the Brownies, here.

This past weekend, Edible Arrangements® team members and other Space Race winners claimed their prizes and headed to Vegas for an amazing weekend, which included a special balloon launch event. The group traveled an hour into the desert to meet with an experienced team for the launch. (The hard hats, goggles, and white gloves provided for protection inspired a great photo op, and a few dance moves.) The final height of the Edible Arrangements® balloon? 119,055 feet!


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