10 Fantastic 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Nine years of marriage deserves a celebration. Despite being one year short of the big ten year anniversary, nine years spent together is still quite special. You and your sweetheart should take some time to live it up, reminisce over the years you’ve spent together, and lavish each other with gifts. Of course, after nine years spent buying gifts for one another for all the holidays, it can be a little tricky to think of something new. Here are some tips to get you started, plus 10 fabulous 9 year anniversary gift ideas that are sure to inspire.

How to Choose a 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional 9 year anniversary gift ideas are pottery and willow. Pottery represents a material that’s been molded and shaped into something truly special, just like your union. Willow is a type of tree that is often used to make wicker and rattan furniture. Willow trees are both strong and flexible, which is also reminiscent of a marriage after nine years. Of course, anything pottery goes for the first gift. You can choose handmade pottery dishes or a pottery vase. Willow, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky. Furniture made with real willow wood can be quite expensive. You could choose a miniature willow bonsai tree or a painting (or another piece of decor) that depicts the beautiful tree.

Or, you could choose the modern gift for a nine year anniversary. The modern gift is leather. This gift is a bit more practical than the two traditional gifts in that everyone could use something leather. Get him a leather belt or wallet. Get her a leather handbag or a leather bracelet. The options are almost endless when it comes to leather gifts, and you’re sure to find something your loved one will enjoy that fits the bill.

Top 10 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you’re not sure what to get your loved one for a nine year anniversary, don’t fret. Here are ten amazing 9 year anniversary gift ideas that will remind your spouse just how much you love her:

1. Fresh Celebrations FruitFlowers®

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Fresh Celebrations FruitFlowers®

Surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet filled with beautiful rose, purple, pink, and yellow flowers. Alongside the flowers, your loved one will receive a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries with a variety of enticing toppings, such as almond crunch, coconut shavings, white chocolate drizzle, and more.

Cost: $84.99

2. Beary Berry Sweet Bundle

Beary Berry Sweet Bundle

Make your loved one’s anniversary even sweeter with this bundle. It’s packed with 24 fresh-baked cookies and 24 chocolate dipped strawberries. It even includes four delectable chocolate confections from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Cost: $88.97

3. 9th Anniversary Necklace

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: 9th Anniversary Necklace

The circle shape symbolizes love, strength, protection, and unity. This necklace features nine interlocking rings, each in a different finish to represent each different year of marriage.

Cost: $160.48

4. Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray

Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray

Made of burnished leather, these trays feature an elegant foil monogram. They’re just the right place to store all of your odds and ends, including jewelry, keys, change, and so much more.

Cost: $99.00

5. Lillian Vase

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Lillian Vase

Get your spouse this lovely pottery vase for your favorite plant, some artificial blooms, or to display all on its own. It features a delicate floral pattern that contrasts nicely with the rustic quality of the vase and is hand-painted with a crackled glazed finish.

Cost: $49.50

6. Jos. A. Bank Leather Dress Belt

Jos. A. Bank Leather Dress Belt-min

Get him a leather belt that will outshine all his other options. Made of fine quality leather, it features finely grooved edges and a silver buckle that will match nearly all of his office wear.

Cost: $45.00

7. Honeycomb Bracelet-Rose Gold

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Honeycomb Bracelet-Rose Gold

Get her a handcrafted leather bracelet with a rose-plated honeycomb geometric centerpiece ring. It’s made with lamb leather to achieve a much softer feel than cow leather.

Cost: $39.00

8. Handmade Pottery Dinnerware

Handmade Pottery Dinnerware

This set of handmade pottery dishes is just right for your loved one. It includes a soup bowl, salad plate, and dinner plate beautifully garnished with hand-painted black rims.

Cost: $115.50

9. Personalized Custom Wedding Anniversary Willow Tree

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Personalized Custom Wedding Anniversary Willow Tree

Get your loved one a unique piece of wall art made with a paper cut out of a willow tree. It features you and your sweetheart’s names carved into the heart in the tree with your anniversary date underneath.

Cost: $42.94

10. 9 Year Anniversary Bowl

9 Year Anniversary Bowl

This beautiful handmade pottery bowl is both beautiful and practical. It features an engraved love quote on the rim remarking on the fact that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and more.

Cost: $150.00

These nine year anniversary gifts will show your sweetheart just how much she means to you. With their traditional feel and symbolic meaning, you can’t go wrong with a pottery, leather, or willow-related gift.