10 Great 80th Birthday Gift Ideas (+ 80th Birthday Gift Suggestions from 20+ Contributors)

Great 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Making it to your 80th birthday is a huge milestone. Imagine how different life was 80 years ago and how much your loved one has seen and experienced throughout her life. When a loved one turns 80, it’s time for an enormous party with family, friends, and a massive cake with no less than 80 candles. But what should you get the guest of honor to make the celebration complete?

How to Choose an 80th Birthday Gift

Choosing a gift for an 80th birthday is no easy task. Your loved one has received so many gifts throughout the years that she probably doesn’t need anything at all. Instead, you might want to pick a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift. It’s even better if it incorporates your loved one’s kids or grandkids. At this point in her life, she knows what’s important – friends and family.

If, on the other hand, your loved one even has more personal mementos than you can count, you might also want to consider a practical gift that she can use on a daily basis. Think of something that can make her more comfortable, like a heating blanket if she’s always cold or plush slippers to keep her feet cozy. You might also want to consider a decadent food gift that will delight your loved one’s taste buds. Something delicious to enjoy never goes out of style – now or 80 years ago.

Consider a fabulous box of cake-shaped pineapples and strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and topped with sprinkles, complete with a Happy Birthday balloon. Or, create your own box of decadent chocolate dipped fruits like strawberries, pineapple daisies, apple wedges, and bite-sized bananas dipped in your choice of white or semisweet chocolate and tasty toppings like hazelnut crunch, coconut, and crushed almonds.

For more fabulous 80th birthday gift ideas they’ll absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite 80th birthday gift ideas.

Dan BaileyDan Bailey


Dan Bailey is the President of WikiLawn.

“As with any gift, I think these depend on the person. In general, though, I’d recommend gardening tools and supplies for an 80-year-old, so long as it’s safe for them to work in a garden and they wouldn’t hate tending to plants. There’s an obvious cliche of older people gardening, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Gardening is a low-impact, low-stress activity many seniors can enjoy in various states of health.

If there’s a senior in your life who already gardens, see what they might need. There might be a tool that will make things easier on them, such as knee rests. These are great for seniors. You can also find out what they grow and see if you can secure rare plants from a nursery that would fit well with what they’re already tending.

If the person you’re buying for hasn’t gardened but you think they’d like it, get them a basic kit. A hand trowel, some decent soil, and seeds or starters to plant. Take the time and effort to help them set up the garden – they’ll likely enjoy the time spent with you.”

Stacy CaprioStacy Caprio


Stacy Caprio works with Deals Scoop.

“One of the best 80th birthday gift ideas is a photo album that contains pictures from the person’s life from when they were young to the age they currently are, 80. This allows them to look back at memories, and you can do so with the gift receiver, which will allow them to relive happy memories and look back on their long life so far.”

Yaniv MasjediYaniv Masjedi


Yaniv Masjedi is the CMO at Nextiva.

“Families and friends of octogenarians should give the celebrant a telecommunications kit that helps improve the call quality of video conferencing sessions.

Older people are the most susceptible age group to experience loneliness. Luckily, technology makes it easier for distant loved ones to catch up and communicate with each other. A telecommunications kit helps ease loneliness by allowing the octogenarian to connect with their loved ones through the internet.

While giving the gift, I recommend that you state your availability hours for a call, preferably at least one hour every week. Aside from the kit itself, the time you spend with them is an invaluable gift they will appreciate better than any gift.

The package should include noise-canceling software, a good pair of headsets with a built-in microphone, a decent quality camera, and a subscription to a reliable and intuitive video call service.”

Sherry MaeSherry Mae


Sherry Mae is the CMO of Tankarium.

“The gift of companionship is one way to help brighten older people’s lives. I suggest giving them pets they can shower with love and affection. In return, pets can reciprocate their care with respect and loyalty.

Pet therapy is a real treatment that helps decrease episodes of loneliness in the elderly. At 80 years old, most people are idle, which makes them prone to boredom and loneliness.

Their younger loved ones are busy with their lives, so they can’t entertain their older loved ones all the time. Luckily, pets are there to save the day.

Although cats and dogs are the most usual options, pets in tanks like fish are a good option since watching animals inside visible containers has a therapeutic effect on the brain.”

Nicole GarciaNicole Garcia


Nicole Garcia is the CMO of Most Craft.

“Buying birthday gifts can be so hard, especially for the elderly. I never know what to buy, or what they’ll actually like or want/need. Asking them defeats the purpose of the surprise. Here are some great ideas to give an 80-year-old on their birthday.

Edible Arrangements®

Who doesn’t love Edible Arrangements®? Skip the flowers that die after just a short time and get them a flower arrangement they can eat and share.


My grandmother read furiously until the day she passed. Reading keeps the mind sharp, and it’s a great hobby. Get them a stack of good books they’ll love.


A beautiful journal makes a great gift for any age, but for someone who might have a story to tell or a lifetime of memories to jot down, a journal is a treasure.”

Gaurav DhirGaurav Dhir

Gaurav is the editor of HelpandWellness.com. Gaurav has extensive experience in health, supply chain management, and data science. He is driven by making an impact on lives through data-powered decision making. He is passionate about working at the cross-section of healthcare and data science and has deployed machine learning models in hospitals as decision support systems.

“A great idea for an 80th birthday gift is to give something thoughtful that a person can use daily in this stage of life. As people age, they tend to lose dexterity, and simple daily tasks like pulling a zipper or buttoning a shirt might become excruciatingly difficult. In such a situation, something like a Button Hook-Zipper Pull Helper will make a handy gift. Available online for less than $10, a zipper pull helper attaches to your zipper and gives you a comfortable grip to pull it up. Most zipper pull helpers come with a non-slip grip and a button hook. The button hook makes it a breeze to button and unbutton any size of buttons. This is a gift that an 80 year old will use every day, and they’ll think of you when they use it!”

Lisa ArlingtonLisa Arlington


Lisa Arlington is the Founder of Giftsnerd. She is a Mother and Entrepreneur who created the website out of her passion and excitement for different kinds of gifts and surprises on different occasions.

“You must make your older parents or grandparents feel like they have done a great job of binding the whole family together. So, giving them a personalized ring with the names of immediate family members can generate this feeling of happiness. Go with durable material and a unique, and stunning design to make it last longer. This ring can remain on their hand and give them a gentle reminder that you all are together, forever.”

Amy McWatersAmy McWaters


Amy McWaters is the CEO of Gifts Australia.

“Food, wine, and treats are a hit for 80th birthdays because they can be shared with friends and won’t clutter up their home. If they have a favorite treat, you can even make it yourself if you are on a budget. You can always splurge on a fancy, over the top birthday cake!

If your favorite 80 year old is a little bit thrifty, pamper them with a day at the spa or salon for a mani-pedi, haircut, or even a facial, something they may not spend their own money on but would surely enjoy.

Cozy blankets, warm socks, and soft sweaters are luxurious items that will be used daily and appreciated for their practicality.”

Jamie BacharachJamie Bacharach


Jamie Bacharach is a Licensed Medical Acupuncturist and Health Coach in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as the Head of Practice at Acupuncture Jerusalem. Jamie’s travels have taken her across the world as she has learned to synthesize the best of Western and Eastern medicine to the benefit of her patients.

“Any 80-year old undoubtedly has a lifetime of memories made with family and friends to look back on. A photo collage of loved ones and special moments makes for a wonderful gift that an 80-year old can proudly display in their home. It also helps them feel closer to the people pictured and the moments captured. For an 80th birthday gift, take a selection of special moments and people captured on camera and have them tastefully arranged in a collage for a gift they will enjoy each and every day!”

Paige Arnof-FennPaige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder and CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens and Moguls based in Cambridge, MA. Her clients include Microsoft, Virgin, The New York Times Company, Colgate, and venture-backed startups as well as non-profit organizations. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Paige is a popular speaker and columnist who has written for Entrepreneur and Forbes.

“I recommend two gift ideas to show your love, respect, and appreciation that have
worked well for me.

If the person does not need anything special, then reach out to a group of people close to them to ask for cards, photos, poems, videos, etc. and make them a scrapbook. It will mean the world to them, trust me.

If they need a big-ticket item they cannot afford, it is a perfect excuse to splurge or give them cash or a gift certificate instead as a treat.”

Becca KayeBecca Kaye


Becca Kaye loves to research and write about any healthcare-related topic, but she especially enjoys educating older Americans about medical equipment, senior nutrition, and senior health in general. As the content director at AvaCare Medical, one of the nation’s largest online medical supplies companies, she gets to spend her days doing what she enjoys: sharing helpful information with seniors.

“Here are some great 80th birthday gift ideas!

Roll-A-Lotion Applicator

Any older person will enjoy using the roll-a-lotion applicator. It has a long handle that makes reaching the top of your back or any other hard-to-reach places so much easier. The roll-a-lotion applicator can massage your back with soothing lotions. It can also be used to apply body wash to areas that are hard to reach. Gift yourself or a loved one with this popular self-massaging lotion applicator!

Dry/Moist Heating Pad

Let your loved one experience soothing heat therapy with an innovative heating pad. It can help soothe joint pains and can be switched from dry to moist settings.

Weighted Cup with Lid

If you know someone who experiences tremors that get in the way of enjoying a spill-free drink, a weighted cup with a lid is an amazing gift idea. The 8 ounces of added weight let them control their movement better, the handle makes it easy to hold, the cover further prevents spills, and the walls insulate cold and hot drinks – need we say more?

Pill Crusher

This is a gift the senior you love will likely enjoy at least once a day, and oftentimes more. This is an awesome gift idea – it makes taking pills so much simpler!”

Olga MironovaOlga Mironova

Olga Mironova is a teddy bear artist from Porcelain Kingdom, creator of warm smiles, fluffy hugs, and touching memories.

“It is not an easy thing to prepare a gift for an 80th birthday girl or boy. The older a person gets, the less he or she wants for him/herself. Casual things become not so desired. Many activities are not accessible anymore. But there are still things that will touch an elder person’s heart – things that allow them to feel younger, to reminisce back in time to when they were little children, careless adventurers in the big world full of wonders.

Teddy bears are one of those gifts. Every child had a teddy bear. It is like an unspoken symbol of childhood, the happiest time in everyone’s life. We ate our favorite jam together while no one was watching, we fall asleep together on the sofa after fearless trips to the neighbor’s garden, and we shared our secrets and dreams.

All those memories are priceless for everyone. Getting a teddy bear can awaken them and let your grandma or granddad feel that courageous time again, remember their adventures, and share with you some of their stories.”

Laura DurenbergerLaura Durenberger


Laura Durenberger is the blogger behind Reduce, Reuse, Renew, a site that acts as a guide to reduction-based living through mindfulness, minimalism, anxiety management, and zero-waste living in order to make room for the things that matter. Her experience comes from decluttering over 150 large boxes of items and reducing her family’s waste by 35-40 pounds a week.

“My preferred gift-giving method is to give experiences over things, because I am all
about reducing clutter, and experience-type gifts fit the bill. Plus, the memories made with experiences are way more impactful than a physical item.

For my grandma’s 80th birthday, my entire family took her to a Minnesota Twins baseball game (her favorite sports team). During one of the inning breaks, the Twins will broadcast birthdays, anniversaries, etc. on the jumbotron. My family called ahead and got her name included to be highlighted, with a birthday greeting from all of us. They even send you a
photo of the message after the game. She was so surprised, and it was a memory we will never forget.”

Dhanya G.Dhanya G.


Dhanya is a mom of a three-year-old son, founder of Parenting Passage, a parenting expert, and author of 3-Day Potty Training Boot Camp: An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide on How to Potty Train in 3 Days Stress-Free.

“Buying a gift for an octogenarian is pretty hard as they mostly have everything they need. In the last few years, I have bought several which really made me think outside of the box! The best gift I gave was converting and editing old home movies from back in the 70s to DVD. It was fun for all of us!

The best gift I bought was a family photo tree. I put photos of us by generation in the tree. The gift was very well received. It’s a really thoughtful and creative gift.”

Melanie MussonMelanie Musson


Melanie Musson is a writer for TheTruthAboutInsurance.com. She and her family are working with her grandparents to record their life stories.

My Life Story – So Far Journal is the perfect gift for someone special to you who is turning 80. You’ve heard their stories. They’re sure to have some good ones with 80 years of experience. Sometimes you’ve heard them multiple times, but once they’re gone, it’s
amazing how quickly you’ll forget the details. This journal asks all the right questions to bring to mind the stories so they can be included. You may even want to work on it with the person celebrating their 80th birthday.”

Sarah SibtainSarah Sibtain


Sarah is the Marketing Manager at The Fashion Jacket, with over 6 years of experience in the eCommerce industry.

“For the 80th birthday, gifts having sentimental value are far more precious than the expensive gifts.

Not just any gift will work. Use this occasion to show your loved one how much they mean to you by giving them a meaningful gift. There are plenty of meaningful gift options out there. For example, there are lamps called ‘Long-distance Lamps’ that come in pairs. Each person connects their lamp via WiFi, then whenever they want to show their loved one that they are missing them, they simply touch the lamp and the pair lights up at both ends. The other person can respond to this signal as well by touching the lamp. How cool
is that?

There are constellation charts as well. These star maps are customizable with specific dates and locations. You can star map an unforgettable date or the happiest day of their life so far. They will love it – you can take my word on that.

Typography portraits are another extremely delicate and unique gift. Choose their notable attributes to highlight in the text over the portrait. it will bring a smile to their face every time they read it.”

Vinay AminVinay Amin


Vinay Amin is a Health Expert and CEO at Eu Natural.

“Material items gradually lose their meaning as we get older. What becomes important is family, friends, and connection. As such, the best gifts for an 80th birthday are presents that celebrate the life and achievements of the person.

Collage posters of photographs, newspaper clippings of their achievements, and signed letters expressing appreciation and love. These are the things that matter.”

Rose WismansRose Wismans


Rose Wismans is the creator of FudgeMyLife.org, a blog where she writes about the gift guides she creates from the many presents and gadgets she comes across. Her main focus is to try and find affordable gift ideas for everyone, since a good gift doesn’t have to be expensive.

“There are three gift ideas I thought of that would be really nice 80th birthday gift ideas:

1. A Kindle tablet that allows them to stay in contact with their grandchildren and is a great way to watch their favorite series on Netflix. An added bonus is the Kindle app that allows you to read books from Amazon right on your tablet. There are even a lot of libraries nowadays that have Kindle format books for you to borrow. This gift isn’t ideal for the 80-year-old who struggles with technology, but it’s perfect for someone who can do the basics and wants to have a way to send emails, texts and have the benefits of the internet without having to know how to use a computer.

2. Something handmade is also a great 80th birthday gift idea if it’s for one of your grandparents. This can range from a nice photo album to a scarf or sweater you knitted yourself. If you have small kids, getting them to do some fun crafts is also a nice and meaningful gift idea for their grandparents.

3. Another 80th birthday gift idea is to not give them a physical thing, but gifting them an experience instead. Take them with you on a trip or plan a family holiday to celebrate their birthday. It’s a nice thing to have the entire family together for a couple of days for their 80th birthday. If you don’t have a big family, then you can take them somewhere that holds a special place in their heart, such as to the town they grew up in.”

Rhiannon MooreRhiannon Moore


Rhiannon Moore works for Evopure as a Marketing Associate. Evopure is a UK based brand selling organic, hemp-derived CBD products including balm, oil, and capsules to the US and UK. All products are broad spectrum for all of the positive benefits of CBD and are lab tested so you know exactly what you’re using.

“A CBD cream could be the best gift for an 80th birthday. Of course, it depends on how open the 80-year-old is to it, but it has amazing benefits that could really help some elderly people out. Benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cooling effect on the skin
  • Relief for muscles

The average 80-year-old has plenty of aches and pains that could benefit from soothing, so I believe a CBD balm is a thoughtful present. You can check out our CBD balm here.”

Dave PedleyDave Pedley


Dave is the owner-publisher of a site called Your Cub, which is dedicated to all things parenting and kids. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, he has a wonderful opportunity to spend plenty of time around his family.

“Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in the planning of my grandfather’s 80th birthday party. We spent months preparing and we decided to offer him a silly talent show, which he loved. We put together small skits and songs and performed them for him. Older people love personalized gifts like this, and I think it was a wonderful memory for him.”

Deborah FieldingDeborah Fielding

Deborah Fielding was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and went through 2 years of aggressive treatment. It was life-changing in many ways. After working with celebrities for 26 years, she now supports vulnerable people and cancer patients. She lives in a pretty town on the River Thames in England with her two dogs and two tall teenagers.

“Here are two unusual gifts for 80 year olds that have everything:

  • 365 Days of Nutrition offers one tip a day for a whole year. It’s great for learning new things and ideas without the overwhelm.
  • 365 Days of Brighter Thinking is a subscription that sends an email each day with a supportive and inspirational message keeping you company throughout the year.

Both can be found here: 365 Days Of Messages.”

Top 10 80th Birthday Gifts

If you’re still stumped on what to get the 80-year-old in your life, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up ten amazing 80th birthday gifts she’s sure to love:

  1. Best Birthday Ever

Best Birthday Ever

This birthday arrangement is packed with everything your loved one could want on her big day. It comes complete with chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple cupcakes covered with white and semisweet chocolate, a variety of fresh fruit, and three festive birthday balloons.

Cost: $93.99

  1. Birthday Wish-Tini™

Birthday Wish-Tini™

Packed with apple truffles, star-shaped pineapple, strawberries, and cantaloupe, this arrangement is perfectly delicious. Plus, it’s all packed in a fun martini glass-shaped container that she can use long after the fruit is gone.

Cost: $64.99

  1. Birthday Edition Newspaper Book

Birthday Edition Newspaper Book

This book not only features the front page of a newspaper from the day you were born, but also a birthday front page from every year after. You can choose your favorite newspaper from the Seattle Times, Dallas Morning News, LA Times, and more.

Cost: $99.99

  1. 80th Birthday Gold Pearl Necklace

80th Birthday Gold Pearl Necklace

This beautiful necklace features eight different rings – each one representing a decade in her life – in a mix of gold and sterling silver. It’s topped with a stunning pearl to complete the look.

Cost: $117.99

  1. Heated Throw with Intellisense™

Heated Throw with Intellisense™

Keep your loved one warm with this heated throw featuring five heat settings and an energy-saving insulating layer that reflects the heat back to your body. Velvet-soft plush fabric makes this throw the softest thing you’ve felt all day.

Cost: $100.00

  1. Blue Apron Subscription

Blue Apron Subscription

A Blue Apron subscription can help your loved one make simple, easy, and completely delicious meals without any meal prep, trips to the grocery store, or digging through dozens of recipes. Each week, she’ll get step-by-step recipes and the ingredients to make them delivered right to her door.

Cost: $39.94

  1. La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Help your loved one’s skin feel soft, supple, and highly moisturized. This luxurious cream is formulated with sea kelp and other nutrients and minerals harvested from the sea for the ultimate in hydration.

Cost: $85.00

  1. Heartbeat Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Heartbeat Bracelet in Sterling Silver

This beautiful bracelet features a heartbeat design alongside a heart in sterling silver. It comes in a keepsake gift box and includes a lifetime guarantee.

Cost: $76.00

  1. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

With these friendship lamps, your loved one will always know when you’re thinking of her. When you turn on one lamp with a simple touch, the other one emits the same glow – no matter how far away it is.

Cost: $85.00

  1. Oaktree Gifts 80th Silverplated Edge Box Frame

Oaktree Gifts 80th Silverplated Edge Box Frame

This elegant photo frame is sure to make a big hit with your loved one – especially if it includes a picture of cherished friends and family. Made with a silver-plated frame and etching on the glass, it fits a 4×6-inch photo.

Whether your loved likes personalized gifts or more practical fare, you’ll find a gift she’s sure to love on this list. With a great gift in hand, you can help make her 80th the best birthday yet.