10 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

A 60th birthday is a huge milestone. After all, that’s six decades your loved one has spent on earth. She has probably made so many wonderful memories and had such great times that a sixtieth birthday celebration is just like icing on the cake. Be sure to make her day extra special with a gift that shows just how much you care and appreciate her. Here’s how to choose the very best 60th birthday gift ideas for her.

How to Choose a 60th Birthday Gift for Her

Picking a birthday gift for a woman turning 60 can be tough. After six decades, she may already have everything she wants. If you ask her, she’s sure to tell you it’s not even necessary to get her a gift. That’s why to really please the brand new sexagenarian in your life, you need to think outside the box. What’s something that she doesn’t even realize she wants? First, consider her interests. Does she like to garden? Something like a bouquet of flowers that includes plantable items is a unique and creative option. Does she prefer long days at the spa? Get her a spa kit she can use to pamper herself at home.

Or, if you can’t think of something that pertains to her interests, just gather up all her favorite photos of friends, family, and loved ones and turn them into a unique photo collage. We can promise there’s nothing that makes her smile as much as memories of her loved ones. Last but not least, don’t forget a tasty food gift as an option. She’s sure to appreciate a gift of fresh fruit covered in decadent semisweet chocolate and white chocolate.

Top 10 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

If you’re looking for the perfect 60th birthday gift for her, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low and gathered up ten of the best 60th birthday gifts we could find for a special 60 year old woman.

1. Happy Birthday Platter

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Happy Birthday Platter

This platter has a little bit of everything to make your loved one smile. It includes chocolate covered strawberries, strawberries covered in cake batter-flavored white chocolate, chocolate dipped apple wedges, and cake-shaped pineapple bites covered in cake batter-flavored white chocolate.

Cost: $59.99

2. Birthday Wish-Tini® With Confetti Berries

Birthday Wish-Tini® With Confetti Berries

A rainbow-colored assortment of fresh fruit bites, including pineapple stars, cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes, are arranged in a martini glass-shaped container. It’s all topped off with strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and apple bites covered in semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $79.99

3. 60 Sixty Birthday Photo Collage

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: 60 sixty birthday photo gift

Make her 60th birthday one to remember with this photo collage, packed full of her favorite photos to make the number 60. It’s even further personalized with a line of text on the bottom, along with her birth date.

Cost: $36.81

4. Happy Birthday Gift Box

Happy Birthday Gift Box

Give her the gift of luxury with this custom gift box. It’s packed with a personalized rose gold tumbler, vanilla scented candle, heart matchbox, Pink Himalayan bath salt, and a greeting card with a personal message on the inside.

Cost: $51.95

5. Wild About U Bouquet

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Wild About U Bouquet

With lush blooms of alstroemeria, aster, and solidago, this bouquet is full of classic elegance. It’s also arranged with succulents that are ready to be planted in your own garden.

Cost: $69.00

6. Yoga Energy Bracelet

Yoga Energy Bracelet

This bracelet is full of powerful, balancing stones that provide healing to the wearer. Amazonite is said to produce a balancing effect, jade produces harmony, larimar broadens spirituality, and turquoise provides protection.

Cost: $28.95

7. Willow Tree Surrounded by Love

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Willow Tree Surrounded by Love

This sweet figurine packs a loving message for the 60 year old in your life. The words, “Abundant love surrounds you,” are written on the card that comes with the figurine. In fact, love is the sentiment the artist used when creating the carving.

Cost: $26.95

8. 60th Birthday Necklace with Birthstone

60th Birthday Necklace with Birthstone

This necklace features six interlocking rings, each representing a different decade of her life, all encompassing your loved one’s birthstone. Circles are an important choice because they symbolize love, strength, and unity, the makings of a truly great life.

Cost: $118.23

9. Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Display 

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her: Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Display

Let your loved one display all her favorite family photos with this standing picture frame display. Finished in dark metal, this tree features intricately carved branches, leaves, and ten hanging picture frames.

Cost: $35.99

10. Sphere Hummingbird Feeder

Sphere Hummingbird Feeder

This unique hummingbird feeder is unlike anything your loved one has seen before. It features a handcrafted red glass lid that attracts hummingbirds and features four feeding ports so she can serve a crowd.

Cost: $59.95

Whether she’s into birds or gardening, you’re sure to find something for the 60-year-old woman in your life. While you’re at it, be sure to throw a huge celebration to honor the six wonderful decades your loved has spent on earth.