50 Fabulous 50th Birthday Gift Ideas (+ Amazing Gift Ideas from 25 Contributors)

find the best 50th birthday gift ideas

A 50th birthday is a huge milestone and a great reason to celebrate and throw a huge party for friends and family – but that means finding the best 50th birthday gift ideas. If you’re invited to a 50th birthday, it might seem a little overwhelming to choose a gift. How can you find something that shows your loved one how much you care, celebrates their life thus far, and conveys your best wishes for a long and happy future all at once? Don’t worry. While finding the perfect gift for a 50th birthday can be a challenge, it isn’t impossible.

Consider a curated box of Happy Birthday treats including a box of delectable chocolate dipped fruits, Maddy & Maize™ Birthday Cake Popcorn, and chocolate dipped sandwich cookies and Bavarian pretzels from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It even comes with a soft and cuddly Edi Bear™ Plush for a complete gift they’ll love. After all, no one is too old to snuggle with a cuddly plush bear! Choose a delightful arrangement of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits arranged in a keepsake martini glass-shaped container. It’s topped with four glistening pineapple slices that read “B Day” to mark the occasion.

Looking for a fun alternative to traditional birthday cake? Opt for a box of decadent chocolate dipped strawberries and cake-shaped pineapples dipped in semisweet chocolate and topped with colorful glaze and sprinkles. It even comes with real birthday candles you can light, perfect for celebrating the big 5-0. For the cinephile, a curated box of movie night snacks is sure to make their birthday special. With mouth-watering treats like gourmet popcorn, fresh-baked cookies, and chocolate dipped fruits, plus a FandangoNOW coupon code for a movie rental, it has everything they need for a fun birthday evening catching the latest hit release. At Edible Arrangements®, you’ll find the perfect 50th birthday gift to suit any recipient’s taste and interests.

For more fabulous 50th birthday gift ideas your friend or loved one will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite 50th birthday gift ideas.

Chris ErhardtChris Erhardt


Chris is the co-founder of Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. He is a former music producer and songwriter and led the business through two business accelerators, helping to grow it from zero to one of the market leaders in the U.S.

“Here is one I’m sure you haven’t heard yet: A custom-made song. We are the owners of Bring My Song To Life where anyone, even with no music or songwriting experience, can create a custom-made song as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasion. As a matter of fact, the 50th birthday is the most common birthday year people use Bring My Song To Life.”

Mark HayesMark Hayes


Mark Hayes is the Head of Marketing at Kintell.

“The WAFT Custom Fragrance. Instead of buying a gift like any other, tailor a bespoke aftershave that gets blended based on your lifestyle and preferences. As mentioned on the website, in your package, you receive your signature scent along with two additional personalized scents. You can choose to either wear the scent you created or layer it with these additional scents to create a truly unique olfactory experience. Starting at only $80, this is a gift to remember.”

Pete RobbinsPete Robbins

Pete is an attorney by day and fishing writer by night/weekend/vacation. In addition to his travel blog HalfPastFirstCast.com, he is a Senior Writer for Bassmaster Magazine and has blogged at Gary Yamamoto’s Inside Line since 2008. Pete has also been published in Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Texas Monthly and – perhaps most significantly – in Goat Rancher Magazine.

“My wife knows that I’m a confirmed introvert, so a party would have been kryptonite. Instead, she reached out to dozens of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and asked them to write a short piece about your friendships, and then she compiled them into a book: An Introvert’s 50th Birthday Surprise.

Some were 50 words, some were thousands of words, but it was amazing to think about how much time everyone spent working on it and fascinating to learn what various people thought was most memorable about our relationships. It was the perfect gift, made more perfect by the fact that she handed it to me as we got on the plane to Guatemala for an amazing sailfishing trip with my parents (who are not anglers but chose to spend time with us in the way that we love most).

Honestly, it sits on my nightstand and I pick it up and turn to a random page at least once a week.”

James BullardJames Bullard


James Bullard is the founder of Sound Fro. He shares his love for music on his blog, covering a variety of topics that will strike a chord with music enthusiasts around the world. He offers information and advice, drawing from his own personal experience in learning to play different musical instruments successfully.

“Bottega Gold is an excellent 50th birthday gift idea. It’s a premium quality Prosecco that is notable for its distinctive metallic coated gold bottle. It gives you fresh peachy foam inside. Most of all, it signifies the idea that people get better as they age. The gold bottle, being the eye candy of the item, is also a good representation of the individual’s 50th birthday.”

Heather RobertsHeather Roberts


Heather is the Founder of Mom Bomb.

“By the time most of us have reached 50, we have everything we need, right? I think that most people at this stage of life are enlightened enough to know that the true gift of living is the gift of giving back to others, so I always like to get gifts that support causes or provide an experience.

We got my uncle a Scottish Title for his birthday one year and he loved it – even though it’s nothing more than a lark. We also invest in companies that give back, like Mom Bomb. All of our profits go to help mothers in crisis, so our existence is used to fund a charity, which is quite different than most companies.”

Bakez BakerBakez Baker

Bakez Baker is the Founder of HeartAFact. He is a fashion freak and lifestyle blogger who covers trends and news in music, art, style, and culture. HeartAfact celebrates creativity, innovation, and art with a purpose to provide nothing but value to its audience and community.

“There are two great gifts you can give to someone on their 50th birthday.

1. A 50th birthday necklace

One of the best gifts for a 50th birthday is a necklace that represents the number 50 in any font or script. The necklace can also have five rings, with each ring representing a decade. This will be one of the most suitable gifts for a 50th birthday. You may find one in the market or you may have it custom-made according to your preferences.

2. 50 Things To Do When You Turn 50 book

This book is a wonderful collection of essays from a variety of writers. The writers include artists and human behavior experts. It provides you with an optimistic approach to celebrate your milestone birthday. The book guides individuals, who have turned or are turning 50, a great way to readjust their lives. It just motivates the readers to relax and enjoy the rest of their lives as they have reached a milestone. They shouldn’t be sad as they are getting old.”

Paige Arnof-FennPaige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder & CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens & Moguls based in Cambridge, MA. Her clients include Microsoft, Virgin, The New York Times Company, Colgate, and venture-backed startups as well as non-profit organizations. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Paige is a popular speaker and columnist who has written for Entrepreneur and Forbes.

“The great thing about turning 50 is that you know who you are, what you love doing, and who you love doing it with!

The year my cohort turned 50 we celebrated in ways that reflected our tastes and personalities. For one grad school friend, one friend negotiated a great rate so that 35 of us could meet at a spa for a long weekend getaway. Another planned a party with fancy drinks and food. For mine, my husband planned a special trip for us overseas.

The best gifts are personal and include making time to spend together to celebrate the milestone. The actual gift may be large or small, a gag, or even just a card, but the best present of all is showing up in a way that is meaningful to them. Just show them that you care.”

Kristen BoligKristen Bolig


Kristen Bolig is the founder of SecurityNerd.

“Today’s technology makes it easier to safeguard homes than ever before. If you’re looking to give someone the gift of safety, look no further than the Arlo video doorbell. This convenient and easy-to-use doorbell camera lets consumers take control of their home security. It’s a great gift for the busy homeowner and empty nester.

The Arlo video doorbell comes loaded with advanced features. It includes a 180-degree HD camera and powerful two-way audio. Users can also enjoy the notification features. You can get alerts straight to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices so you never have to worry about what’s going on at your front door.

This cutting-edge video camera is equipped for year-round protection. It can withstand the rain, snow, and heat so you never miss a visitor. If you want to help someone take their security to the next level, give them the Arlo Video Doorbell – they’ll thank you later.”

Assaf KostinerAssaf Kostiner

Assaf Kostiner is the founder of Paint Your Life.

“A creative and meaningful gift for someone celebrating their 40th birthday would be a self-portrait.

50 is a big year, so it’s sure to be a celebration about commemorating and reflecting on one’s life as they begin the latter half of their years. Hand-painted portraits, as rare as they may be contemporary, are classic, sentimental, and will make this celebration timeless.”

Benjamin SmithBenjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is the Founder of Disco Skincare for Men. Before moving to Austin in the spring of 2016, Benjamin attended Wake Forest University, where he graduated in Communications and Entrepreneurship and launched two boutique gyms during his junior year. Ben raised outside funding, scaled the businesses, and eventually sold both in the fall of 2018. Benjamin also worked as a Marketing Director at Houston-based En-Plast Technology, where he oversaw all marketing efforts.

“Everyone can use a little pampering, especially those entering the latter half of their years.

The five-step self-care system, the “Regimen” set, features a cleanser stick, face scrub, face mask, eye stick, and face moisturizer. This set is sure to be a refreshing gift for the newly 50.”

Daniel ShapiroDaniel Shapiro


Daniel Shapiro has a decade-long career in the fashion industry, with a focus on corporate retail merchandising. In August 2016, the industry vet fulfilled a childhood dream of launching an apparel company, Fourlaps, a New York-based brand that creates functional athletic apparel. Daniel resides in New York City, where he can be found working on upcoming collections.

“The ‘middle-aged’ mark usually lands around the 50th birthday, so a great encouraging gift could be sleek and fresh workout gear.

Many of us know keeping up with fitness partially comes down to what you wear. Not only
does appropriate fitness clothing help you perform better, but also when you look good, you feel good. Some fresh new workout gear might be the push to keep your recipient in a state of positivity and being their best self.”

Stephen LightStephen Light


Stephen Light is the Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer at Nolah Mattress.

“Here’s an excellent gift to a 50-year-old: ergonomic pillows. Ergonomic pillows can help fight sleeping problems caused by andropause in men and menopause in women, occurring typically during their 50s.

Menopausal women and andropausal men might experience sleeping problems because of the changes in hormones in their bodies. Although ergonomic pillows don’t directly solve their fluctuating hormones, it helps encourage good sleep quality.

Suppose someone suffering from either menopause or andropause is having a sleeping issue. Using a non-ergonomic pillow to support their neck will not improve their sleep quality. In this scenario, ergonomic pillows are better options since they help your neck regardless of sleeping position.”

Richard WatersRichard Waters


Richard Waters is the Founder and Managing Director of ROW, one of the most competitively priced insurance providers in the UK, where everything can be done online.

“A classy smartwatch can be a great gift to receive for both men and ladies in their 50s. These gadgets have some cool features that they may find useful, such as notifications for important events and fitness tracking.

A comfortable massage cushion can also be a great gift for 50-year-olds that have been working hard for the majority of their lives up to that point. So, giving them something that can make them feel relaxed and have a soothing massage on their stiff or achy back can really be a big win for them.”

Caroline LeeCaroline Lee


Caroline is the growth marketer and co-founder of CocoSign.

“Here are some ideas to make their 50th birthday one of their most memorable moments:

1. 50th Birthday Ring Necklace: For your female loved one, a 50th birthday ring necklace would be a perfect gift. There will be five rings in the necklace, made of gold or silver, and each ring symbolizes a decade of their life.

2.Wishes and Memories Jar: You can make anyone’s 50th birthday special by putting their creative birthday wishes and beautiful shared memories in a decorated jar.

3. Desk Cycle: This gift is especially for people who want to maintain their fitness. A ‘Desk Cycle’ would be the perfect equipment for them to avoid the hassle of going to the gym and help them stay fit while staying at home.

4. Massage Chair: This one is my personal favorite. Gift them a comfy massage chair to help them relax each day.

5. A Slate summarizing their Life Story: Write a creative story of the birthday person and preserve it in a beautifully decorated slate showing respect and affection for them.”

Jennifer WillyJennifer Willy

Jennifer is the Editor at Etia.com.

“Here’s a gift idea would be perfect for your loved one: The 50th Birthday Tiara and Sash is 100% eco-friendly alloy metal plus crystals and rhinestones, and it’s nickel-free and anti-allergic.

For a gift idea exclusively for men, consider the Fifty-One Years Old Men Mug. It’s made of high-grade white orca ceramics and is dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

Lastly, a little prank gift is never a bad option. Happy 50th Birthday Toilet Paper is not just a funny gift but is also a very practical one. It has 200 quality sheets, all fully printed and full of laughter. It’s the PERFECT gift for all the men or women in your life turning 50 years young.”

Simon ElkjærSimon Elkjær

Simon Elkjær is the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, home of Denmark’s most affordable electronics.

“Some of the best gifts you can give to anyone celebrating their 50th birthday are light and simple exercise gears that let them exercise at home with ease. Giving them these as a present will let them maintain their health and will show them your care and concern for them.”

Rebecca KlemmRebecca Klemm


Rebecca Klemm, PhD is the Founder and CEO of NumbersAlive!.

“My plush number characters create fun gifts/decor for birthdays and anniversaries. The middle-sized numbers 5 and 0 include a magnet on each side of their heads to create 50. Tied to a flower stick, they can be used in a 50th birthday floral or fruit arrangement.”

Lianne SandersLianne Sanders


Lianne Sanders is a Content Editor and Licensed Yoga Instructor at Total Shape.

“For most people turning 50, this is a momentous occasion when one starts to put retirement into action.

Thus, a great gift would be something that would help them settle down and focus on their hobbies after years and years of hard work – something like a scratch-off destination traveler map! Other than being a fun and interactive way to keep track of their travels, it also makes for a great conversation starter.”

Max CohenMax Cohen

Max Cohen is the Founder of Gift Kosher.

“One’s 50th birthday is a landmark event where we consider what we’ve done, what we haven’t, and what we hope to yet accomplish.

In the Jewish faith, all birthdays are a time where we feel gratitude for the gift of life God
has bestowed upon us, and for the lives of our children and our families which we have been blessed to live to see.

The 50th birthday is one where it is believed a person becomes old enough to impart wisdom unto younger generations, so for a Jewish person reaching that age, we would offer gifts that would show our appreciation for the guidance they have to offer, such as one of our various gift baskets, filled with festive and delicious treats that bring joy to those in the Jewish faith while adhering to Kosher dietary guidelines.”

Rex FreibergerRex Freiberger


Rex is the CEO of Gadget Review, a top technology and lifestyle publication with over 50,000 product reviews and ratings of the top electronics, software, and services.

“I actually think one of the best gifts you can give someone in this age range is a fitness tracker of some kind. As we age, fitness becomes even more important. Even just walking can help with mobility, bone health, flexibility, etc. It also helps stimulate the brain. A fitness tracker makes it much easier to keep on top of what exercise you’re doing and build healthy habits.

Fitbit is usually the standard for fitness trackers, though if you have the money for it I would definitely recommend the Apple Watch. These days you can get a FitBit for around $100, however, and it’s a great introductory fitness companion for people who may want to be a little more active. Fitbit in particular is great at reminding you to get up and move and
encourages you to hit your minimum steps for the day.”

Daniel CarterDaniel Carter

Daniel Carter is the founder of Zippy Electrics. He provides in-depth guides and reviews on a variety of electronic riding gadgets on his blog. He also enjoys his 25-minute morning commute aboard his own trusty electric scooter and shares his passion for cool rides with his two teenage sons and readers of his blog.

“People around this age often adore traveling, and if your person is one of those people with wanderlust in their hearts, then this might be an incredible gift for them. It’s fairly easy to find online and there are several variations (from a country map for state to state travel or a world map for country to country travel) to choose from to fit the tastes of the person you’re giving the gift to.

There’s simply something satisfying about seeing just how far you’ve traveled, and this map is not only the perfect decoration but also a great icebreaker!”

Allan BorchAllan Borch


Allan Borch is the founder of Dotcom Dollar. He started his
own online business and quit his job in 2015 to travel the world. This was achieved through e-commerce sales and affiliate SEO. He started Dotcom Dollar to help aspiring entrepreneurs create a successful online business while avoiding crucial mistakes along the way.

“If you have the time and not the budget, here’s an incredibly thoughtful idea: A 50 birthday wishes jar! Finding a jar big enough to hold strips of cardstock shouldn’t be too hard, and you don’t need a lot of creative skills to make it happen (you can print most of the decor for this). Think of a theme you want to go with. A coworker of mine who just turned 50 loves movies, so I made a movie-themed jar with the birthday wishes looking like movie tickets.

Then, simply send every special person in their life, family, friends, and colleagues a strip of paper and later on compile them in the jar to give to the birthday person! There’s nothing more heartwarming than reading people’s good wishes for you, and this wish jar is the perfect place to keep them safe.”

Oliver BakerOliver Baker


Oliver Baker is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading web and mobile app development company. Oliver has been at the forefront of the business, expanding it globally and into new technologies including iOS and Android, AR, VR, and Mobile Game applications.

“Growing older means we need to keep better track of our health. If the person celebrating their birthday is into this notion, then giving them a fitness tracker would not only be a cool gift but a healthy one too! This will help them figure out what aspect of their health needs improvement so they can challenge themselves to be healthier and live a longer, happier, active life.”

Phillip AshPhillip Ash

Phillip Ash is the Founder of Pro Paint Corner.

“The best gift to offer any 50 year old is an experience gift. I have found hang-gliding to be an incredible, adrenaline-fueled gift.

Turning 50 does not mean you are getting old, although that is widely believed. Offering this type of gift expresses how you know that your friend or family member has turned 50 but not old.

It is a safe experience as you are attached to a guide, and the sheer thrill of flying through the sky is an experience everyone needs at least once in their lifetime.”

Emily WendzichEmily Wendzich

Emily is the Founder of the blog Gift and Giving.

“Get them a childhood memory, something like the local specialty from where they were born. I recently sent an uncle who grew up in Chicago a deep dish pizza across the country to his new home in Salt Lake City. It reminded him of his childhood, and he said it was his favorite gift he received.”

Still looking for some inspiration to find the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for someone special in your life? Take some time to browse through our 50th birthday gift guide. You’ll find 50 amazing birthday gifts that are perfect to give to anyone turning 50. You might find the perfect fit among these ideas, or you can use them as inspiration to find something that’s completely your own.

50 Amazing 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are 50 amazing gift ideas perfect for this momentous occasion:

  1. Edible Arrangements® Best Birthday Ever Gift Set

Edible Arrangements® Best Birthday Ever Gift Set

If you want to gift a sweet treat, try our Best Birthday Ever gift set. It features chocolate dipped strawberries, white and semisweet chocolate dipped pineapple slices decorated to look just like cupcakes, and a variety of delicious fresh fruit. You can also add pineapple numbers that say 50 for a personalized touch.

Cost: $71.99

  1. Edible Arrangements® Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

Edible Arrangements® Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

Our Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries are a perfect option for the birthday girl or guy in your life. Our new Pineapple Drip Cakes™ are made with fresh pineapple dipped in gourmet chocolate and decorated with colorful glaze and sprinkles. They’re even topped with real candles you can light! The set also comes with fresh strawberries, hand-dipped in gourmet chocolate and topped with delectable white chocolate Happy Birthday sentiments. It’s an irresistible flavor combination.

Cost: $59.99

  1. Engraved 50th Birthday Glass Picture Frame

Engraved 50th Birthday Glass Picture Frame

This gorgeous glass picture frame helps you celebrate the momentous occasion and is sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come. The frame can be personalized with name, birth year, and any one-line custom message.

Cost: $36.98

  1. McKenzie-Childs Houndstooth Throw

McKenzie-Childs Houndstooth Throw

If you’re looking for a comfy, cozy gift, look no further than this fabulous throw blanket. It comes in three colors (yellow, pink/red, and black/white) and looks just as good as it feels to snuggle up beneath it.

Cost: $65.00

  1. Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

The Echo is a must-have for any tech lover. The Echo connects with Alexa to play music, make calls, ask questions, control smart home devices, and more – all hands-free and voice-activated.

Cost: $99.99

  1. Synovia Shoe Care Kit & Deluxe Cedar Box

Synovia Shoe Care Kit & Deluxe Cedar Box

This shoe care kit includes everything you need to keep your shoes shining including black and neutral shoe cremes, horsehair brushes, and a shoe sponge. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who takes pride in their put-together appearance.

Cost: $79.95

  1. Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses

These sunglasses are a modern take on a more classic silhouette. Their cool, sophisticated style complements most face shapes and their polarized, scratch-free lenses provide 100% UV protection.

Cost: Starting at $95.00

  1. Personalized Gentleman’s Gift Set CuffLinks, Money Clip, and Tie Clip

Personalized Gentleman's Gift Set Cuff Links, Money Clip, and Tie Clip

If you’re looking for a refined and distinguished gift, this set of cufflinks, money clip, and tie clip is just the ticket. You can engrave the box and all three items with a name or initials.

Cost: $34.99

  1. Picnic Time 22-Piece Insulated Picnic Basket for 4

Picnic Time 22-Piece Insulated Picnic Basket for 4

This traditional wicker picnic basket includes everything needed for a delicious meal out, minus the food and drinks. It features an insulated section to keep food and drinks cold, along with holders for the included dinnerware for four.

Cost: $39.99

  1. Bodum Chambord 34 Ounce French Press

Bodum Chambord 34 Ounce French Press

Perfect for a coffee lover, this French press is quick and easy to use and always results in the perfect cup of coffee. The iconic design of the Bodum Chambord dates the 1950s.

Cost: $40.00

  1. Alex and Ani Path of Life Pull Chain Bracelet

Alex and Ani Path of Life Pull Chain Bracelet

This Alex and Ani bracelet is beautiful and has a touching message. The Path of Life charm symbolizes the wearer’s own willingness to travel towards life’s fruitful moments.

Cost: $68.00

  1. MVMT Classic Black White Watch

MVMT Classic Black White Watch

The MVMT classic watch is the epitome of class and style. Its minimalistic design goes with multiple fashion choices and matches both casual and formal dress.

Cost: $95.00

  1. Executive Tan Leather Personalized Portfolio

Executive Tan Leather Personalized Portfolio

This impressive leather portfolio can be engraved to include any full name on the bottom right-hand corner. It includes a paper pad, flap pockets to organize documents, a convenient business card pocket, and an extra storage pocket.

Cost: $69.99

  1. Fitbit Alta Wireless Activity Tracker Wristband

Fitbit Alta Wireless Activity Tracker Wristband

The Fitbit Alta is a slim and trim activity tracker with OLED display. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, and sleep quality.

Cost: $79.95

  1. Crosley Coup Record Player

Crosley Coup Record Player

Perfect for music buffs and vinyl record enthusiasts, this record player plays 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch records. It includes a belt-driven turntable mechanism, adjustable volume control, adjustable pitch control, and a diamond stylus needle.

Cost: $89.95

  1. JBL T450BT Wireless Headphones

JBL T450BT Wireless Headphones

Another option for music lovers, these JBL wireless headphones are lightweight and compact. They feature a pair of 32mm drivers to deliver some serious bass. A single charge lasts for 11 hours of music.

Cost: $59.95

  1. Diamond Cut Personalized Ballpoint Pen

Diamond Cut Personalized Ballpoint Pen

This elegant pen comes in a beautiful rosewood box, and both the box and pen can be engraved. The pen has a textured, diamond-cut handle and has a balanced feel for smooth, clean writing.

Cost: $49.00

  1. Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set

The Cuisinart fondue set has a heating element built into the base of the pot and can be adjusted to a wide range of temperature settings. You can prepare chocolate, cheese, or broth fondue, making it perfect for entertaining.

Cost: $59.95

  1. Grill Daddy Grand Grill Brush Platinum Edition

Grill Daddy Grand Grill Brush Platinum Edition

Perfect for grill masters and newbie grillers alike, the Grill Daddy Grand features a luxurious all-aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bristles. It cleans easily with steam – no chemicals – and effortlessly removes charred food and baked-on grease.

Cost: $63.00

  1. Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

The Slip Silk sleep mask is great for anyone who loves their beauty sleep. It’s made with the highest-grade long fiber mulberry silk with a pure silk filler and internal liner.

Cost: $50.00

  1. Asobu® Cold Brew Insulated Portable Brewer

Asobu® Cold Brew Insulated Portable Brewer

Perfect for coffee lovers, the Asobu® Cold Brew features an innovative cold brewing method. Cold brew coffee has a sweeter taste, less acidity, no bitterness, and a smooth feel as compared to regular coffee.

Cost: $39.00

  1. LL Bean Faux Fur Throw

LL Bean Faux Fur Throw

Looking for a cozy gift that your loved one won’t be able to resist? This LL Bean fur throw is luxuriously soft and warm. It feels and looks just like wolf-fur, but is 100% cruelty free.

Cost: $69.00

  1. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is a must have for TV lovers. It features vivid 4K, HDR, and HD picture for exceptional wireless performance all throughout the home.

Cost: $68.15

  1. 50th Birthday Necklace Silver

50th Birthday Necklace Silver

This unique birthday necklace is made with five interlocking rings, one representing each decade of your loved one’s life. You can also choose a personalized note to include in the box.

Cost: $78.14

  1. OXO Everyday Kitchen Tool Set

OXO Everyday Kitchen Tool Set

Does the birthday guy or gal love to cook? Choose this kitchen tool set with everything you need in the kitchen, including 2-inch tongs, grater, peeler, spatula, slotted spoon, ice cream scoop, potato masher, grater, and more.

Cost: $99.99

  1. 6-in-1 Attaché Game Compendium

6-in-1 Attaché Game Compendium

For the game lover in your life, there’s nothing better than this 6-in-1 game set. It includes classics like chess, checkers, backgammon, cribbage, dominoes, playing cards, and wood dice cups.

Cost: $84.99

  1. Arbequina Olive Crate

Arbequina Olive Crate

This charming olive crate features a potted arbequina olive tree that’s hardy and easy-to-grow. It also includes a bottle of olive oil, along with olive and avocado hand cream, and goat’s milk soap.

Cost: $99.95

  1. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The Bellroy Note Sleeve has room for all of your essentials, including cash, coins, and up to eleven cards. It features a slim profile, perfect for slipping in a back pocket. Some colors are available with RFID protection for $94.95.

Cost: $89.95

  1. Mackenzie-Childs Morning Glory Gardening Tool Set

Mackenzie-Childs Morning Glory Gardening Tool Set

If your loved one is an avid gardener, look no further than this gardening tool set. It features a 10.5-inch long trowel, 8-inch long shears, and a 9.5-inch long cultivator, all covered in a beautiful morning glory pattern.

Cost: $45.00

  1. Callaway Clubhouse Backpack

Callaway Clubhouse Backpack

Does the birthday gal or guy in your life love golfing? The Callaway Clubhouse Backpack has room for all of their golfing essentials.

Cost: $80.00

  1. Minnetonka Alpine Sheepskin Moc Slipper

Minnetonka Alpine Sheepskin Moc Slipper

These Minnetonka slippers are like a little piece of heaven when you slip in your tired soles. They’re lined with genuine sheepskin and over the collar fur to provide the ultimate warmth and comfort.

Cost: $55.95

  1. Pottery Barn Saddle Leather Journal

Pottery Barn Saddle Leather Journal

If your loved one likes to write down their thoughts, this attractive leather journal is the ticket. It features lightly distressed leather with top stitching, includes 130 lined pages, and can be monogrammed on request.

Cost: $39.50

  1. National Geographic Allanson Globe

National Geographic Allanson Globe

For globetrotters and homebodies alike, this beautiful National Geographic globe makes a statement. It features a unique antiqued diecast meridian and base and more than 4,000 named locations on a newly-updated cartography.

Cost: $111.25

  1. Plow and Hearth Wreath Cottage Birdhouse and Pole Set

Plow and Hearth Wreath Cottage Birdhouse and Pole Set

For the bird-watcher turning 50, gift this sweet and adorable birdhouse. It is made with wood and resin, and features loveable details such as a shingled roof, flower window boxes, and a welcoming wreath.

Cost: $84.95

  1. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden is the perfect way to grow plants indoors. It takes care of your plants by giving them water, oxygen, and nutrients. Special LED grow lights give them the energy they need to thrive.

Cost: $99.95

  1. My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook

Every family has secret recipes that they pass down through the generations. This family cookbook provides templates for writing down the ingredients and cooking instructions, with space for over 80 recipes.

Cost: $35.00

  1. Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

Is your loved one a crocheting or knitting enthusiast? This beautiful bowl, handcrafted from Sheesham wood by artisans in India, is a beautiful way for them keep their yarn untangled.

Cost: $69.00

  1. Jeweled Family Tree Picture Frame

Jeweled Family Tree Picture Frame

This picture frame lets your loved one create a stunning display of their family tree with their entire family’s individual photos. You can even engrave a special message on the front of the tree.

Cost: $60.00

  1. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

These nifty tiles let you keep track of your keys, wallet, purse, and cellphone. Just open the app. The tile will ring it if it’s nearby, or you can check the map for its last known location. The best deal is a pack of 8 for $75.00, but you can also buy a 4-pack for $40.00 or a single tile for $20.00.

Cost: $75.00 for an 8-pack

  1. Himalayan Salt Plate with Holder & Salt Plate Book

Himalayan Salt Plate with Holder & Salt Plate Book

A Himalayan salt plate is essential for cooking enthusiasts. It adds healthy minerals to food, improves heat distribution while cooking, and provides an anti-microbial cooking surface.

Cost: $59.95

  1. Personalized Serving Tray

Personalized Serving Tray

This serving tray is a must-have for anyone who entertains. It is beautifully crafted with wood and two black matte handles. Plus, it can be personalized in a variety of different ways.

Cost: $47.00

  1. The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone gives a truly personalized nostalgic look back for your loved one. They’ll discover the hit single and the blockbuster movie, along with personalized facts, and strange statistics from the year they were born.

Cost: $34.95

  1. Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist Golf Balls

Does your loved one cherish their golf game? Titleist balls provide longer distance with lower long game spin and even more consistent flight, along with long-lasting durability.

Cost: $52.00/dozen

  1. Dalvey Classic Compass

Dalvey Classic Compass

The Dalvey Classic Compass features a modern stainless-steel case with push-button release. It can be personalized to include a custom engraved inscription on the back cover.

Cost: $56.00

  1. Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau de Parfum

Ralph Lauren is a timeless scent that includes the essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals, and seductive musk. It’s sure to be a favorite gift of anyone who loves a subtle floral fragrance. The 3.4 oz. bottle shown is $94.00, but you can buy a smaller 1.7 oz. bottle for $74.00.

Cost: $74.00 for 1.7 oz.

  1. Instant Pot LUX 6-quart

Instant Pot LUX 6-quart

The Instant Pot is an essential for anyone who needs dinner on the table quickly. The 6-in-1 version includes a cake and egg setting and also functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, Steamer, and warmer.

Cost: $79.00

  1. Kindle E-reader

Kindle E-reader

If your loved one devours books, choose this all-new Kindle E-reader that is thinner and lighter. It reads just like paper, making it easy on the eyes. It also eliminates sun glare for frustration-free outdoor reading.

Cost: $79.99

  1. Coyuchi Unisex Waffle Robe

Coyuchi Unisex Waffle Robe

This unisex waffle robe is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to relax and unwind. Made from organic cotton with a unique waffle weave, it’s pre-tumbled for the ultimate softness.

Cost: $98.00

  1. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Manderin Diffuser

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Manderin Diffuser

This diffuser is perfect for anyone who wants to add an understated and sleek fragrance to the home. It includes notes of peppery basil and aromatic white thyme with limes and a hint of a warm Caribbean breeze.

Cost: $98.00 for 165ML

  1. Brooks Brothers Bow Trimmed Leather Gloves

Brooks Brothers Bow Trimmed Leather Gloves

These supple and soft gloves are the perfect choice for any birthday girl who loves a little bit of ladylike flair. They include a pristine bow at the wrist for the perfect amount of genteel polish.

Cost: $58.00

No matter who is turning 50 in your life, any of these gifts are sure to make their birthday special.