5 Things You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day 2013 at Edible Arrangements®


A heartfelt “Thank You” to every single one of our franchisees, managers, and Fruit Experts® who contributed to another fruitful Valentine’s Day! After months spent preparing and organizing, both in Edible Arrangements® stores around the world and at the Edible Arrangements® corporate office, together, we were able to deliver more WOWs to guests for Valentine’s Day 2013 than ever before.

We’re thrilled and grateful to have seen some truly amazing growth this year: double-digit increases in website traffic, record-breaking order volume on the day before Valentine’s Day, huge successes in our offers for “Early Bird” order fulfillment, and more. But, in the spirit of a little fruit fun, here’s our list of 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Valentine’s Day 2013 at Edible Arrangements®…

  1. Our stores sprinkled more than three million heart-shaped sprinkles on our Lovely Berries™.
  2. More than two million pineapple hearts were cut for our fresh fruit bouquets.
  3. We covered two-thirds of all strawberries sold in chocolate. (Supporting our theory that chocolate makes everything better… even fresh fruit!)
  4. The product we featured on our Valentine’s Day commercial, the Small size Valentine’s Day Bouquet, was a touchdown! In fact, we could fill almost an entire football field with the number of Valentine’s Day Bouquets sold for pickup or delivery on February 13th and 14th alone.
  5. Nearly half of all skewers that were placed into one of our arrangements had one of our gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries on them.

We’re astounded by these juicy tidbits ourselves! And, as we finally exhale after an exhilarating couple of weeks, it is safe to say that all those long hours (and countless pieces of chocolate dipped fruit) were worth it.