5 Questions With Drew Sirico, Digital Marketing Director


Our “5 Questions With” blog segment gives you the inside scoop on the inner workings of Edible Arrangements® by bringing you an exclusive look at the work lives of some EA corporate employees. This week, we sat down with Drew Sirico, Digital Marketing Director, to find out what’s happening in the exciting digital marketplace world.

Drew Sirico, Digital Marketing Director

1)      What are you working on right now (if you can tell us)?

I’m working on improving and creating cohesive efficiencies between all of our digital marketing initiatives such as SEM, SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing. My objective is to grow web traffic, conversions and overall brand awareness by leveraging emerging web technologies and new age media.

2)      In what area and in what way have your skills grown the most since you first began your career with Edible Arrangements®?

I’ve been a one-man digital marketing team for the majority of my career so it’s been great working with world-class agency partners. Having the opportunity to collaborate with other highly skilled marketers in a team environment has been exciting and a fantastic learning experience.

3)      Tell us something you’ve learned while working for Edible Arrangements®?

Fruit is popular! Admittedly, I wasn’t aware that Edible Arrangements was a $500 million dollar company with nearly 1,200 retail locations prior to vetting the opportunity.

4)      What’s your favorite kind of chocolate dipped fruit? Toppings?

Dipped apples, by far. My wife and I are often at odds over what box I should bring home because she’s such a fan of the dipped strawberries so we usually settle on a Swizzle Indulgence™ Trio.

5)      What’s the best part about working for a company like Edible Arrangements®?

Far and away the most rewarding part of working for Edible Arrangements® is the universally positive response I get to telling people I work here. Almost everyone has an instant, excitable reaction followed by an anecdote of the last time they sent our product to a loved one.

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