10 Romantic and Sentimental 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

You and your loved one have spent four years of marriage together! Choosing a gift can be challenging, even though you know your loved one better than ever. That’s why we’ve created this one-stop gift guide filled with romantic and sentimental 4th anniversary gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect present for your spouse or even if you want to treat a couple you know who is celebrating their four-year anniversary, we’ve rounded up the best fourth anniversary gift ideas for you.

How to Choose a 4th Anniversary Gift

By the fourth anniversary, you’ve probably settled into a comfortable married life. The drawback of this can something be that you get too caught up in the routine of life that you forget to take as much time to appreciate each other. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to celebrate your fourth anniversary. The celebration can help bring some spark back into your relationship and remind each other how much you love one another.

The traditional 4th anniversary gifts are flowers and fruit. You can opt for a platter of fresh chocolate-dipped fruit or a spectacular fruit arrangement to check off the fruit box. Or, opt for a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Roses, peonies, pink asters, and daffodils are all romantic flower choices that show your loved one how much you care. You might also want to opt for the more modern 4th anniversary gift ideas, which include linen, appliances, and jewelry with blue topaz gemstones. You could opt for a linen tie or tablecloth for your spouse. Or, choose an appliance that would make dinnertime much easier to pull together, such as a slow cooker, instant pot, or sous vide cooker. Or, choose a piece of jewelry that features a beautiful blue topaz. On the other hand, you could completely disregard the “suggested” gifts for the fourth anniversary and go your own route. Consider your spouse’s likes and interests and choose something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

Top 10 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your fourth anniversary gift, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten great fourth anniversary gift ideas:

1. You’re The Sweetest

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas: You're The Sweetest

This arrangement is packed with fresh, succulent fruit, including pineapple daisies, honeydew, strawberries, and grapes. Strawberries dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate and a sweet emoji balloon top off the lovely gift.

Cost: $104.99

2. Happily Ever After Platter

Happily Ever After Platter

Featuring pineapple slices cut into dove shapes and topped with delectable white chocolate, this platter makes a big impression. It’s filled to the brim with strawberries covered in white chocolate and gourmet semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $59.99

3. Bouqs Always Bouquet

Bouqs Always Bouquet

Eternally elegant and iconic, red roses symbolize love and romance and will always be a way to say “I love you.” With 24 fresh red roses, this bouquet is just what you need to show your loved one how much you care.

Cost: $69.99

4. Mass Cane Floor Plant

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Mass Cane Floor Plant

This plant holds a hidden superpower: it is one of the most effective plants at purifying the air and removing the allergens that can cause irritation. It’s also beautiful and easy to care for.

Cost: $89.99

5. Blue Topaz Dewdrop Pendant Necklace 3 ct in 14K White Gold

Blue Topaz Dewdrop Pendant Necklace 3 ct in 14K White Gold

Blue topaz symbolizes honesty, loyalty, and deep emotional attachment, making it perfect for the fourth year of marriage. This necklace showcases the beautiful stone in 14K white gold.

Cost: $189.00

6. Linen Map with Personalized Milestone Pins

Linen Map with Personalized Milestone Pins

Made of linen for a fourth anniversary, this map includes 10 customizable pins that you use to add your own special moments, such as your first home, first vacation, and so much more. It’s a fun, interactive gift that you can continue to add to as you create memories and adventures together.

Cost: $109.00

7. The Brooklyn Custom Linen Trays

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas: The Brooklyn- Custom Linen Trays

Made with a linen liner, this tray is the perfect catchall for your keys, wallet, and cell phones. It can also be personalized with your and your loved one’s initials, along with the year you were married.

Cost: $79.00

8. Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker

This handy appliance will make dinnertime at your household much easier. It takes the place of seven appliances in one, including pressure cooker, sous vide, slow cooker, rice cooker, and so much more, and can be operated from your smartphone.

Cost: $139.95

9. Linen Love Note

Linen Love Note

This beautiful linen envelope contains a secret message just for your loved one. Your personalized love note will be embroidered on soft wool felt that your loved one can keep and cherish forever.

Cost: $31.79

10. Topaz Cufflinks

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Topaz Cufflinks

Remind your loved one that you will always be loyal to him. These cuff links are made with precious topaz stones ensconced in high-quality sterling silver just for him.

Cost: $65.98

No matter what your spouse is into, you’re sure to find a great option on this list. Whatever you choose, be sure to take the time to appreciate each other and the life you’ve built together.