50 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas (& Fabulous 40th Birthday Gift Ideas from 20+ Contributors)

Unique 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

They say 40 is the time in your life that you really hit your sweet spot. You’ve gained the wisdom you need to really figure this stuff out. If you have a friend or loved one turning 40, it’s a time for a birthday celebration.

Consider a box of delectable chocolate covered strawberries topped with white chocolate Happy Birthday sentiments, along with cake batter-flavored white chocolate dipped strawberries and cake-shaped pineapples rolled in colorful sprinkles. Paired with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, it’s a complete gift perfect for celebrating a 40th birthday. It even comes with real birthday candles you can light! If flowers aren’t their thing, pair it with a delightful arrangement of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped fruits in a fun martini glass-shaped container they can use again and again, plus a festive Happy Birthday balloon to top it all off.

Consider a box of scrumptious mini cheesecakes and gourmet chocolate brownies paired with a bundle of Happy Birthday balloons to celebrate their big 4-0. Planning a night in to celebrate? A curated box packed with mouth-watering movie night snacks is sure to be a hit. With gourmet popcorn, an assortment of chocolate dipped fruits, a dozen fresh-baked cookies, and a FandangoNOW promotional code to rent the movie of the birthday guy’s or gal’s choice, it’s the perfect way to set the stage for a cozy, intimate 40th birthday celebration with their closest friends and loved ones.

For more fabulous 40th birthday gift ideas your friends and loved ones will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite 40th birthday gift ideas.

Kyle ElliotKyle Elliott


Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES is the founder and career coach behind CaffeinatedKyle.com. His expertise is in Silicon Valley and high tech. He is an official member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council as well as a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

“While he looks like he’s in his twenties, my partner is turning 40 this year. I am gifting him a staycation at a luxury resort in Southern California. A staycation is a great gift for someone turning 40 because it allows them to celebrate the big milestone while also allowing ample time to reflect on their life and achievements.”

Thomas FultzThomas Fultz


Thomas Fultz is the CEO and Founder of Coffeeble, a site dedicated to coffee enthusiasts ready to take the next step in their coffee journey.

“The best 40th birthday gift that I got was a personalized watch. I still have it and use it every day, and it is more than a gift. It is a keepsake that I can see every day while I work. It has my initials on the face of the watch, and I always get compliments on it. If you are looking for a birthday present for someone turning 40, I would go for something sentimental like this. A keepsake watch or bracelet can mean a lot to people and is just something that they will never forget.”

John StevensonJohn Stevenson


John Stevenson is a Marketing Specialist for My Gre Exam Preparation.

“You should check out these Wine Soap Bars from Uncommon Goods. They’re all-natural, vegan, and give off the distinctive shades and notes of popular red and white wine varieties. What better way to tell the special 40-year-old in your life that they’re aging like fine wine as they enjoy the sublime scents and skin-soothing benefits of these soaps?”

Shayne ShermanShayne Sherman


Shayne Sherman is the CEO of Techloris.

“A great birthday gift for someone in their 40s is a new phone. Some people like to stick to what they know, but if it is a present they will have to be willing to learn it. Being able to communicate with your family using a phone with video capabilities is something that you cannot forget and will be so useful to them, especially in the times we are living in. I would recommend an iPhone as they are easy to use and have Facetime, which is very easy to use.”

Lucas RobinsonLucas Robinson


Lucas Robinson is the CMO of Crediful.

“An ideal 40th birthday idea is something that will take them back to being a teenager and will bring back good memories for them.

This could be a collection of their favorite teen music or maybe a boxset of their favorite movies. There are some fantastic gifts out there, but most 40 year-olds want to go back in time for a short while when they had fewer responsibilities and more free time. A friend of mine received a Scalextric for his 40 and he couldn’t have been happier. It was a replica of the one he had as a boy, which brought back fond memories as well as being something he could enjoy with his young children, too.”

Ethan TaubEthan Taub


Ethan founded Goalry, Inc with the mission to create one place to reach financial goals and comparison shop for any money matter.

“40th birthdays are really special in my opinion, but turning 40 can be really upsetting for some as they feel they are leaving their youth behind. So why not show them how young they really are by giving them an experience rather than a physical item?

These gifts can vary in price, but you will be allowing them to make a memory as well as enjoying themselves. They don’t have to be expensive, either. I hired a small boat for my friend’s birthday last year and he still talks about it today. Sometimes taking a short break from the daily routine can be the best gift. Life gets real in your forties, so why not take a break from responsibilities and enjoy yourself? Other options are driving a race car, bungee jumping, or even becoming a co-pilot for a day.”

Assaf KostinerAssaf Kostiner


Assaf Kostiner is the founder of PaintYourLife.

“A creative and meaningful gift for someone celebrating their 40th birthday would be a self-portrait. 40 is a big year and in that way, it’s sure to be a celebration about commemorating and reflecting on one’s life as they begin the latter half of their years. Hand-painted portraits, as rare as they may be, are classic, sentimental, and will make this celebration timeless.”

Trond NylandTrond Nyland

Trond Nyland is the Founder and CEO at Cordless Drill Guide.

“I find cordless drills very symbolic as a 40th birthday gift. Those who are just leaving their 30s often own their own homes, may have kids, or may even have just divorced. Man or woman, by offering a cordless drill you are empowering them to take control of their own home. It allows them to be independent in matters of loose door handles and much-needed shelving.”

Marc BarnosMarc Barnos

Although by profession Marc is an IT engineer, his passion is for boating, fishing, and the sea generally. That’s why he built his website, Boat Priority.

“Here’s a pretty unusual gift idea for an outdoorsy 40-year-old who enjoys a taste of luxury when he’s on the move: a gourmet coffee maker by NANOPRESSO. You can fit it in your backpack, and it weighs less than one pound.”

Daniel ShapiroDaniel Shapiro


Daniel Shapiro has a decade-long career in the fashion industry, with a focus on corporate retail merchandising. In August 2016, the industry vet fulfilled a childhood dream of launching an apparel company, Fourlaps, a New York-based brand that creates functional athletic apparel.

“The ‘middle-aged’ mark usually lands around the 40th birthday, so a great encouraging gift could be sleek and fresh workout gear. Many of us know keeping up with fitness partially comes down to what you wear. Not only does appropriate fitness clothing help you perform better, but also, when you look good, you feel good.”

Benjamin SmithBenjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is the Founder of Disco Skincare for Men. Benjamin also worked as a Marketing Director at Houston-based En-Plast Technology, where he oversaw all marketing efforts.

“Everyone can use a little pampering, especially those entering the latter half of their years. The five-step self-care system, the ‘Regimen’ set, features a cleanser stick, face scrub, face mask, eye stick, and face moisturizer. This set is sure to be a refreshing gift for the newly 40.”

Kerry WisbyKerry Wisby

Kerry is the Owner of Gatsby Flapper Girl. Kerry Wisby is an avid 1920s enthusiast. She runs a global 1920s fashion and historical blog specializing in all things Roaring 20s, Flapper Fashion, and anything Great Gatsby.

“Definitely, the best 40th birthday gift is a book. One of the best books I can recommend is The Great Gatsby. It’s a great novel that can give a 40-year old enjoyment and that they will likely cherish forever. You can personalize the book with the name or photo of the person or create a beautifully designed book about any 40-year-old.”

Shelly PeelShelly Peel


Shelly Peel is one of the founders of SocialMum.com, a lifestyle blog that explores social media.

“My best suggestion is a custom portrait (oil painting, photography, or digital print) that you’ve had framed. It is a kind of gift that’s priceless and will last forever. Not only are you giving a gift but also creating a memory with the birthday celebrant.”

Pamela Washington-TurnerPamela Washington-Turner

Pamela Washington-Turner is the Co-Author of Daughters of Promise Devotional.

“I turned the BIG 40 last year and got the best present ever! I went on my first cruise alone. Alone meaning no kids or anyone I had to look after. It was also my first time leaving the country, which was a beautiful experience. A trip is a great idea for a 40th birthday!”

Amy OlsonAmy Olson

Amy Olson is a Relationship Expert and Editor at TheAbsoluteDater.

“At the age of 40, people know themselves a lot better and have accepted themselves for what they are. Materialistic gifts don’t fancy them anymore until it is something they really wanted. So here are two of my favorite picks for people entering the golden age!

1. 40 reasons why we love you printable poster

People at this age are looking for love, and this gift will let you shower them with just that. You can write all the reasons you love them on this poster and every time they see it, it will be a confidence boost for them. And not to forget, it will bring a smile to their face, which will be priceless!

2. Handmade card

There’s nothing more exciting than effort, especially when the recipient has reached the age of 40. So, scroll through some DIY YouTube videos, get some paper and pens, and make a handmade card for the person turning 40. Don’t forget to add a personalized note to it. Something like, ‘Aging like wine!’ is sure to make the recipient smile!”

Meg MarrsMeg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the founder of Safer Senior Care, a website dedicated to helping caregivers find the best resources for elderly friends and relatives in order to allow them to age in place safely and comfortably.

“Your 40th birthday is a time when you really start to realize you are not a kid anymore. A great way to remind a loved one that no matter their age, life still holds adventures they have not yet enjoyed is with an action gift. There are many different adventure gifts to choose from whether a helicopter ride, skydiving experience – indoor or from a plane, and even underwater adventures like scuba diving.”

John PetersonJohn Peterson

John Peterson is the editor of Safe Drive Gear.

“A gift is an expression of love, and it’s a way to make someone feel special. I would give the birthday celebrant a necklace or ring as a gift – engraved with his/her name or the number 40. Who would not love such a personalized present?”

Richard WatersRichard Waters


Richard Waters is the Founder & Managing Director of ROW, one of the most competitively priced insurance providers in the UK, where everything can be done online.

“Here are some awesome 40th birthday gifts that you might want to consider:

  • Massage cushions – for physical stress relief
  • Smartphone projector – for fun and other cool stuff
  • Classy wine racks – to have a place for some good quality drinks

Happy birthday, indeed.”

Josefin BjörklundJosefin Björklund


Josefin Björklund is the CEO and Entrepreneur of Topp Casino Bonus.

“The 40 Reasons Why We Love You Printable Poster is the perfect 40th birthday gift for men and women who are difficult to buy for. It makes a lovely keepsake for someone you love.

The printable contains a high-quality image that looks amazing printed and framed. There are hearts printed on the poster where you can fill out each heart with reasons you love them. It works as a great party guest book alternative where everyone writes a comment in these hearts or fills each heart with memory.”

Andrea-Sara LimAndrea-Sara Lim

Andrea-Sara Lim works with Progress ABMS.

“For someone in their 40s who loves adventure and traveling, the Scratch The World Travel Map is the perfect gift! Scratching off destinations that have been visited will reveal beautiful colors underneath. The map is also extra large for ease of scratching. With its gold coating, it can serve as an aesthetic decoration to be hung on the wall. Apart from countries, the map also features boundaries, hill shadings, mountains, rivers, and state outlines. This is a great gift for someone who wishes to track their travel progress and plan for future trips (post-COVID, of course).”

Mika KujapeltoMika Kujapelto

Mika Kujapelto is the CEO and Founder of LaptopUnboxed.

“A Fitbit fitness smartwatch can be a great birthday gift for men or women because it motivates you to be healthier and helps monitor your health.

It also has additional benefits, such as tracking your sleeping patterns and heart rate features. A device like this can be suitable for any female or male family members or friends you might have on your gift list.

A big-screen TV might be another gift a forty-year-old man or woman would love for their birthday. It can entertain them with their favorite movies or TV shows, especially if they have a sound system to mimic a theater experience during the pandemic. Or it can help them entertain their families during the pandemic.

Another forty-year-old might enjoy a professional massage. You can research local businesses that provide massages and figure out which ones are right for them. A couple’s massage or a simple one can offer an excellent experience for someone you care about.

A virtual wine tasting on a laptop or other device might be another great birthday gift. You can give someone special a virtual wine tasting experience they’ve never had and can create a socializing experience for them when the pandemic has decreased in-person celebrations.”

Looking for more inspiration for the most fabulous 40th birthday gift ideas? Here are 50 gift ideas for the 40-year-old in your life:

1. Edible Arrangements® Today We Celebrate You

Today We Celebrate You

This delectable arrangement features pineapple daises and stars dipped in chocolate, grapes, and honeydew. It comes with a decadent Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop and a fun birthday balloon.

Cost: $104.99

2. Edible Arrangements® Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake®

Grand Confetti Fruit Cupcake

This delicious treat features chocolate dipped pineapple cupcakes, strawberries, honeydew, and cantaloupe. It all comes complete in a cupcake-themed keepsake container.

Cost: $99.99

3. 40th Birthday Necklace

40th Birthday Necklace

This necklace features four rings for four decades. It is handmade with mixed metals in silver and gold with a sterling silver chain.

Cost: $43.49

4. Garmin vívosmart® 3 Fitness Watch

Garmin vívosmart® 3 Fitness Watch

When you reach your forties, you’ve got to keep a handle on your health. This fitness watch tracks steps, floors climbed, calories burned, intensity minutes, sleep, and heart rate.

Cost: $119.99

5. Monogram Set of 4 Marble & Acacia Wood Coaster Set

Monogram Set of 4 Marble & Acacia Wood Coasters

This set of four coasters is made from marble and natural acacia wood. It also includes a monogram for a personalized touch.

Cost: $47.00

6. Leather Tote Bag

Leather Tote Bag

This canvas and leather bag can carry your books, magazines, wallets — whatever you need to carry. No matter what you throw in it, it still looks fashionable.

Cost: $110.00

7. Eberjey Gisele Pajamas

Eberjey Gisele Pajamas

These pajamas are made with a blend of super-soft modal jersey that feels cool to the touch and effortlessly supple. They’re the perfect gift for a 40-year-old who deserves a bit of rest and relaxation.

Cost: $120.00

8. Bey Berk Grooming Kit

Bey Berk Grooming Kit
This handy set includes all the tools you for any grooming scenario you might run into while on the go. It includes razor, additional razor cartridges, mirror, toothbrush, comb, fingernail clippers, and more.

Cost: $97.99

9. The Vanderbilt Fine Leather Portfolio

The Vanderbilt Fine Leather Portfolio

This portfolio is made of full grain American leather and is 100% made in the U.S.A. It perfectly fits a legal pad, pen, and more.

Cost: $114.00

10. Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Cuisinart® Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This cold brew maker takes up minimal space on your counter and makes a great cup of cold brew coffee in as little as 25 minutes.

Cost: $79.99

11. All-Clad Immersion Blender

All-Clad Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a kitchen must-have. You can use it for everything from pureeing soups to chopping nuts.

Cost: $99.95

12. Under Armour UA Post Canyon Mid Waterproof

Under Armour UA Post Canyon Mid Waterproof

These hiking boots provide superior stability and comfort with excellent traction that can take you wherever your adventures take you. They’re perfect for avid hikers and beginners alike.

Cost: $119.99

13. Triple Thick Clarity Embossed Flat Note Card Ensemble

Triple Thick Clarity Embossed Flat Note Card Ensemble

Everyone needs their own personalized stationery. This set features an embossed return address on the back of the envelope and a name on the front.

Cost: $58.95

14. Cuisinart Red Popcorn Maker

Cuisinart Red Popcorn Maker

Got a popcorn lover? This commercial-style popcorn maker has been scaled down for home use. It pops ten cups of popcorn in just three minutes.

Cost: $79.95

15. Sou’Laes Audio: Vinyl Stabilize

Sou'Laes Audio Vinyl Stabilize

This vinyl stabilizer improves the sound of vinyl, making it perfect for lovers of LPs. It’s made with solid aluminum with an anti-slip foam patch on the underside to protect your favorite records.

Cost: $74.95

16. Parrot Mambo Fly

Parrot MiniDrones Mambo Fly

Who says 40 year olds can’t have toys? This drone performs aerial stunts, barrel rolls, and flips to your delight.

Cost: $59.95

17. Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

Silky Soft Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set

These luxury hybrid bamboo cotton blend sheets are made with 60% viscose from bamboo and 40% cotton. These 300-thread-count sheets are the ultimate in comfort.

Cost: $74.95

18. Google Daydream View

Google Daydream View

With the Daydream View, you can virtually teleport from anywhere to pretty much everywhere you want to be. It’s the perfect gift for tech lovers.

Cost: $99.00

19. The Grill Personalized Maple Cutting Board

The Grill Personalized Maple Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is made with maple hardwood. You can personalize with any two lines of text below a decorative grilling design.

Cost: $59.99

20. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

This robot vacuum is perfect for anyone who’s short on time but still wants a clean house. It has pet hair care technology that focuses on picking up hair, dirt, and debris.

Cost: $159.99

21. Brooks Brothers Leather Belt

Brooks Brothers Leather Belt

This leather belt is the perfect way to elevate your look. It features a double belt loop and a pointed tab.

Cost: $98.00

22. Tory Burch Crystal-Pearl Stud Earrings

Tory Burch Crystal Pearl Stud Earring

These crystal pearl stud earrings feature a lustrous Swarovski-crystal pearl dotted with a tiny double-T in brass. They’re the perfect jewelry box classic.

Cost: $78.00

23. 48 ft Black Commercial Medium String Light

48 ft Black Commercial Medium String Light

These string lights make any outdoor party a blast. They feature weatherproof sockets and heavy-duty wire, so they’re hassle free and completely durable.

Cost: $79.95

24. Original Abstract Painting on Canvas

Original Abstract Painting on Canvas

This unique abstract painting is made with professional grade oil and acrylic paints on cotton canvas. It’s great for any art lover or anyone who wants to elevate their decor.

Cost: $89.00

25. New York Times Birthday Book

New York Times Birthday Book

This unique coffee table book features The Times front page from the day you were born, followed by every birthday in your life. It’s fun for reminiscing and reflecting on the years.

Cost: $130.00

26. Grill Master Crate

Grill Master Crate

This Man Crate includes a unique brass-knuckle meat tenderizer, cast iron smoker box, steak thermometers, wood chips, a premium spice blend, and two flavors of barbecue sauce.

Cost: $109.99

27. Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillows

Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillows

Does your loved one have a favorite baseball team? This pillow features a beautifully detailed illustration showcasing your favorite stadium’s unique history and architecture on one side and their logo on the other.

Cost: $100.00

28. Cabana Round Beach Towel

Cabana Round Beach Towel

This round beach towel makes for a luxurious day at the beach. It’s delightfully oversized so you can use it to wrap up after a dip in the sea or to relax and soak up some sun.

Cost: $90.00

29. manduka pro® yoga mat

manduka pro® yoga mat

This yoga mat is luxuriously dense and spacious for unmatched comfort and cushioning. It’s great for doing your first downward facing dog or your one hundredth.

Cost: $120.00

30. The Casper Pillow

Casper the Pillow
This pillow is both soft and supportive. The inner pillow is filled with thousands of coated fibers that create a liquid-like feel that moves with you all through the night.

Cost: $75.00

31. AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless

You know how your iPhone earbuds hurt when you lie down? These sleeper headphones are the perfect anecdote. They use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with all your devices.

Cost: $99.95

32. Just Breathe Spa Kit

Just Breath Spa Kit

This is the the ultimate spa gift set for relaxation and rejuvenation. It includes coconut soak, a sea sponge, a soy wax candle, and a sea urchin air plant.

Cost: $76.50

33. Dozen Roses Drop Heart Necklace

Dozen Roses Drop Heart Necklace

This heart drop necklace is exquisite. The stunning 24kt gold-plated necklace is crafted in a Y-shape with twelve detailed roses connected with leaves, each featuring a gleaming Swarovski crystal.

Cost: $99.00

34. Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

Who doesn’t love air hockey? This five-foot table has a poly-sealed slick playing surface with a 110V UL-approved blower fan, making it the perfect fit for any game room.

Cost: $170.99

35. Vintage 1978 SIMON Says Milton Bradley MB Electronic Memory Game

Vintage 1978 SIMON Says Milton Bradley MB Electronic Memory Game

This vintage game is forty years old, just like your loved one. It’s the perfect classic and great to pull out at parties, barbecues, and other get-togethers.

Cost: $49.99

36. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite has a 300 ppi display, resulting in crisp, laser quality text. It reads like paper and has no glare in bright sunlight.

Cost: $139.99

37. 15” Wooden Ship Wheel Wall Clock

15'' Wooden Ship Wheel Wall Clock

This wooden ship wheel clock adds sophistication and style for anyone looking for a nautical theme. It features a fully functional clock which rests perfectly inside the wheel.

Cost: $104.99

38. Tiffany Round Platter

Tiffany Round Platter

Inspired by natural rock formations, this beautiful Tiffany platter is made with crystal glass. It’s perfect for serving cake, appetizers, or whatever you choose.

Cost: $125.00

39. Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree

This lemon tree is perfect for lovers of fresh fruit and gourmands alike. It has remarkable cold and heat tolerance, so it’s easy to grow.

Cost: $39.96

40. Recycled Glass Tree Globes

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

These recycled glass globes feature a hand painted tree with branches that explode into splashes of color. Each globe is made from shards of windows and then melted down in a furnace before being blown into a beautiful globe.

Cost: $45.00

41. Recycled Record Bookends

Recycled Record Bookends

These vintage record bookends feature two 7″ 45rpm records bonded together with Trupan, an environmentally friendly composite board made from recycled waste wood. Special requests for the records are available.

Cost: $40.00

42. Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence Eau de Parfum Gift Set

This fragrance features lush fruity top notes and a hint of orange flower. It’s a luxurious scent that’s perfect for any woman.

Cost: $130.00

43. Lark & Ro Women’s 100% Cashmere Soft Crewneck Pullover Sweater

Lark & Ro Women's 100% Cashmere Soft Crewneck Pullover Sweater

This 100% cashmere sweater is comfortable and soft. This wardrobe classic is updated with a slim and modern fit.

Cost: $115.00

44. Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Temple Massager

Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Temple Massager

This temple massager features tender vibrating power to keep your eyes from being sore and air compression to help alleviate eye fatigue, pain, stress, and puffiness. It’s easy to take with you on the go or use from the comfort of home.

Cost: $79.99

45. L.L.Bean Harborview Polarized Sunglasses

L.L.Bean Harborview Polarized Sunglasses

These L.L. Bean polarized sports sunglasses feature 100% UV protection and full polarization. They protect your eyes to keep them feeling fresh, even in the midday sun.

Cost: $59.95

46. Leather Watch Box & Storage Valet

Leather Watch Box & Storage Valet

This watch storage box will hold all of his essentials. With a monogram etched into the glass top, it makes the perfect gift.

Cost: $54.99

47. Garden Treasures Propane Patio Heater

Garden Treasures Propane Patio Heater

Perfect for anyone who loves outdoor entertaining, this patio heater features a heat output of 47,000-BTU with liquid propane. It’s sure to keep your friends warm no matter the weather.

Cost: $139.00

48. Tori Burch Umbrella

Tori Burch Umbrella

Super cute and trendy, this Tory Burch umbrella will save you in the chance of a rainstorm. It comes with a matching cover and a signature logo.

Cost: $53.11

49. Abu Garcia Black Max Combo Fishing Pole

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo Fishing Pole

This fishing pole will instantly elevate your fishing game. It features stainless steel ball bearings with an aluminum spool.

Cost: $69.99

50. Hammer Black Widow Legend

Hammer Black Widow Legend

Got a bowler on your list? This ball is carbon-infused for added strength and durability at the lanes.

Cost: $119.99

Put in a little thought and the 40th birthday gift you choose is sure to make your loved one’s birthday just a little bit brighter. No matter what you choose, they’re sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!