10 Creative 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Four decades of wedded bliss is a huge accomplishment, and it’s an occasion worth celebrating with the best 40th anniversary gift ideas. Throughout your forty years of marriage, you’ve probably faced a few trials and tribulations. But, through it all, you’ve forged your path together. Now it’s time to celebrate and reminisce on the years spent with one another. For this special anniversary, choose a thoughtful and creative gift that shows your spouse how much she truly means to you. Take a look through this gift guide to get you started on the right path.

How to Choose a 40th Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for a 40th anniversary is the ruby. Rubies represent passion and protection. Plus, with their dazzling red color, they have a fire burning deep within. They’re the perfect choice for a love that has blazed for forty years. So for your 40th anniversary, spoil your loved one with ruby red jewelry. Consider a ruby pendant necklace for her or a pair of ruby red cufflinks for him. Fine-quality rubies are some of the most expensive gemstones, but you can get a lab-created ruby that’s nearly identical to the real thing for a fraction of the price. Or, feel free to splurge since a 40th anniversary comes around only once a lifetime.

The modern take on the 40th anniversary gift is flowers in ruby red. Red roses have always been romantic, but that romance takes on a new meaning when it’s with someone you’ve loved for 40 years.

Of course, you don’t have to choose a ruby or red flowers for your anniversary. Instead, you might opt to choose another red-themed gift or something completely different. You know your loved one best. In fact, after 40 years spent together, it’s safe to say you know her better than anyone else in the world.

Top 10 40th Anniversary Gifts

Don’t worry about what to get your loved one for your 40th anniversary. Here are ten wonderful ideas for the guy or gal you’ve spent the last four decades with:

1. Beary Berry Sweet Bundle

Beary Berry Sweet Bundle

Make your loved one’s day even sweeter with this bundle. It includes 24 freshly baked cookies, four chocolate confections, and a heart-shaped box of chocolate dipped strawberries decorated in ruby red drizzle.

Cost: $88.97

2. Sweetheart FruitFlowers®

Sweetheart FruitFlowers®

Get her a combination that’s sure to delight. The set comes with a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries with swirls of white chocolate and a bouquet filled with white and lavender blooms nestled in with some terrific greenery.

Cost: $92.99

3. Venus et Fleur Le Mini™ Square

Venus et Fleur Le Mini™ Square

Surprise her with a box of ruby red roses that will last an entire year. In a classic Parisian-hat box inspired box, this classic arrangement features nine stunning roses that have been carefully preserved to last.

Cost: $84.00

4. Men’s Ruby Crystal Cufflinks

Men's Ruby Crystal Cufflinks

Get him a pair of ruby cufflinks. These cufflinks are made with an interesting geometric hexagon shape with sterling silver and ruby inlays. They’re perfect for the office or special occasions.

Cost: $63.71

5. Lab-Created Ruby Necklace Diamonds Sterling Silver

Lab-Created Ruby Necklace Diamonds Sterling Silver

This gorgeous necklace will delight her for your 40th anniversary. It’s made with a heart-shaped lab-created ruby surrounded by a halo of diamonds that total 1/20 of a carat.

Cost: $129.99

6. 40th Wedding Anniversary Pebble Painting

40th Wedding Anniversary Pebble Painting

This pebble painting depicts you and your loved one sitting on a log and watching a heart-shaped moon. Each picture can be personalized down to the smallest detail, according to your own wishes.

Cost: $63.23

7. Conklin Victory Ruby Red Ballpoint Pen

Conklin Victory Ruby Red Ballpoint Pen

Get him a ballpoint pen that will make writing everything from grocery lists to love letters a bit more special. It’s sleek and aerodynamic, featuring a solid brass barrel and triple-lacquered ruby red color.

Cost: $50.00

8. 40th Anniversary Gift Personalized Ornament Ruby Anniversary

40th Anniversary Gift Personalized Ornament Ruby Anniversary

This 40th anniversary tree is created with ruby crystal elements, silver-tone wire, and a glass ball. Personalized with your names and wedding date, this ornament is the perfect unique gift for the hard-to-shop-for loved one.

Cost: $84.00

9. Hide & Seek Wallet

Hide & Seek Wallet

He may already have a wallet, but it’s not like this one. This wallet (in ruby red, of course) has six card slots to keep the cards you use most often close at hand and even a secret compartment to hold that “emergency money” you’ll need if you ever run out of cash.

Cost: $89.00

10. Ruby Wedding Anniversary Heart

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Heart

Get her a handmade framed ruby 3D butterfly heart personalized with your names and wedding date. This artwork has a special meaning. According to the creator, each butterfly represents the love that flies into your heart and flies back out to carry their love to others.

Cost: $140.30

Make your 40th anniversary special with one of these unique and creative gift ideas. Your loved one will appreciate the effort and creativity you took in choosing the perfect gift for her.