4 Reasons to Shop Local


Shopping local is a great way to support small business owners and all that they do for their communities. Below are 4 reasons why you should support small businesses by “shopping small.”

1. You’ll get exceptional service. Frequently, local companies provide one-on-one customer service that’s often impossible for large corporations. As a customer, that means you’re able to build relationships with owners and staff more easily — you might even feel like you’ve become part of a family! Many local business owners will go above and beyond, whether that means special ordering a hard-to-find item or taking the time to help you select just the right product with personalized service.

2. You’ll give back to your community. Small businesses deliver economic advantages to the town they are in, but they also strengthen relationships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders, schools, and more. For instance, they may sponsor local Little League teams, donate to the city’s homeless shelter, participate in community charity events, or contribute to a local non-profit organization.

3. You’ll know the people behind the product. When you actually know those who own and operate the business where you’re shopping for local products or services, you enjoy a personal connection you wouldn’t otherwise. When you shop at a local farmer’s market, you can meet the farmer who grew the vegetables you’re buying. Or when you shop at a small boutique, you can speak with the owner about where they sourced that pair of hand-knit gloves.

4. You’ll support local entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create new businesses, ideas, and energy that can help your community thrive. When you shop and invest in your local businesses, you can also help contribute to creating more jobs in your area. Shopping local helps these smaller shops keep their doors open and their workers employed. And, when you support small business owners, it also helps encourage entrepreneurship in others – they see people in your community care about small businesses, and that they will have the support they need, and that it’s possible to succeed.

Buying local has benefits beyond mere convenience — when you support local business owners, you can get a better level of service and help make your community an even better place to live!