3 Unique Business Gifting Opportunities


Choosing the appropriate time to send business gifts can sometimes get a little tricky. The holiday season is always a safe choice because it’s an opportunity to show expressions of warmth and togetherness. However, if you REALLY want to step out of the box and stand out this year, consider sending gifts for other occasions, too! The end of the year is full of great opportunities for you to show appreciation for your clients, vendors, team, and professional network. Below are 3 unique gifting opportunities you should take advantage of to leave a lasting impression on your business contacts.

  1. Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is right around the corner! Do you do business with an office that has a handful of bosses? Send a gift they all can share! It’s a great way to recognize your professional contacts, AND everyone else in the office will be talking about YOU! Plus, Boss’s Day is right before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, so you’ll give them the opportunity to really enjoy your gift.

  1. Thanksgiving

While you’re giving thanks for family and close friends, why not thank your business partners as well? Thanksgiving is considered the official kickoff of the holiday season, so sending a gift for this holiday not only shows how thankful you are to have the opportunity to work with them, but it also allows you to leave a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd – no one else thought to send a Thanksgiving gift but you!

  1. New Year’s

Kick off another successful year for you and your business contacts by sending a New Year’s gift! By sending something in late December or early January, you’re setting the stage for another amazing year, and you’re highlighting the continuation of a great business partnership. It’s win-win!

Showing appreciation for your professional network is critical for maintaining a positive relationship. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate those who go above and beyond to contribute to your success! Need some inspiration or some help planning? Contact us! We’d love to help you master the art of business gifting. Click here to send us your information electronically, or give our Business Concierge a call at 800-691-3564. Here’s to sweet success all season long!