3 Reasons to Order Holiday Business Gifts NOW!


We know what you’re probably thinking. It’s only September! But, time flies, and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us (and so will the hunt for the perfect holiday client gift)! No matter the industry, staying top-of-mind with your partners and clients is critical, and we can’t think of a more memorable way to show your appreciation than by presenting them with a thoughtful gift. It’s never too early to start planning your holiday business partner gifts!

Here are 3 advantages to ordering early that will motivate you to act NOW:

  • Quiet Time = Planning Time

Late September and early October tend to be quiet times for most businesses. Sure, you’re ramping up for Q4 sales and year-end, but that rush of activity doesn’t really start to impact the team until just before Thanksgiving. Take advantage of this quieter time of year to organize your client holiday gift list and make sure you don’t miss anyone. Plus, planning early provides time to get feedback from other teams to ensure business partners, key prospects, and even your amazing employees are not left off the list! To help, take some time to reflect on the year with each client and your team.

For example, did you and your team just complete a big project? Or did your client just win a major award? If so, those are great opportunities to send a gift that reflects the accomplishment and shows your support. Plus, personal and thoughtful gift giving deepens your relationship with your clients. Additionally, making a personal relationship with your business partners typically helps in the long run. Finally, taking time to plan means you have time to think about the little things as well, like your holiday card.

“Have you ever received a generic holiday card from a client? If so, you realize that your client is just going through the motions. Typically, these cards are signed by the entire staff with a generic “happy holidays” message and noting how much you matter to them. However, the card demonstrates the opposite feeling. As a result, make sure your gift (and any holiday cards) leaves an impression! If you take the time to send some business gifts, then ensure the gift shows your care. For example, go for a gift that both reflects your personality and accurately represents the relationship you have with the recipient. Consider ordering your gifts from a vendor that offers a variety of options so you can give your recipients something with a similar theme, but are different enough to add a more personal touch.”

  • Ordering Early Provides Time to Find the Perfect Gift

It’s hard to admit, but at some point we’ve all fallen victim to remembering business partner gifting late in November, causing us to find anything online that can be shipped in time. (Believe us – we’ve all been there.) Unfortunately, this usually results in you sending an impersonal generic box of “goodies” wrapped in silver foil with lots of air or overpriced whole fruit. Ordering your client gifts early gives you the time you need to find something unique that’s high-quality, thoughtful, and (most importantly) memorable. To help find the perfect business gift, ask yourself a few questions that will internally vet your ideas. For example, is the gift thoughtful and memorable?

“Think about something hand-crafted that you can’t get anywhere else. This allows you to set expectations high for other gifts they’ll receive in the future. Plus, you want your recipient to feel that you personally hand-selected this gift for them. Also, you don’t want to make them feel like this is what you gave to ALL your partners, clients, or employees! Make sure that your card addresses them by name and features a kind message that makes it feel as if you wrote it yourself. Once you choose the perfect gift, have it hand-delivered to their home or office for an extra surprise! When it arrives to the office, everyone’s eyes will follow where it goes, and (most likely) hope it’s for them!”

  • Reward Yourself

When you order early, ask the company you’re working with if they can offer something special to you or your company as a thank you for doing business early with them. You and your team work hard, so why not be rewarded for getting ahead of the gifting game? If they don’t offer anything upfront, you can always ask about it!

And before you order your holiday gifts, remember a few business gifting etiquette tips. Not sending something inappropriate is a reward unto itself as well! For example, find a personal gift that includes everyone in the office and offers a professional presentation!

“As with any gift giving opportunity, sending a professional gift that you have put thought into will not go unnoticed. Be sure the corporate gifts you send are thoughtful, inclusive, and presented with care, to make sure they leave the impression you want to give!”

Take Advantage of Edible Business Gifts

This holiday season is going to be jam-packed with holiday business gifting. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your clients, employees, partners, and even prospects. Send a gift to show your gratitude for their help in making your business successful over the year, wish them a happy holidays, and set the stage for growth and a happy New Year!

Ready to start planning? Contact us today! We’d love to talk to you about how you can hit this year’s business gifts out of the park and provide you with some sweet gift ideas for your business partners! At Edible, our business gifts features our high quality and fresh, succulent fruit. Our top corporate gift arrangements remain dipped in rich, indulgent chocolate that marks our well-known signature gifts. Whether it’s for an employee of the month, a corporate event, or just to show your employees how much you appreciate them, Edible has everything you need to make a splash at the office. To explore custom gifting options, click here to send us your info electronically, or give our Business Concierge a call at 800-691-3564!