3 Reasons to Celebrate Boss’s Day


Believe it or not, Boss’s Day will be here before you know it! You may ask, why should I celebrate Boss’s Day? Or, why should I give my BOSS a gift? While some may roll their eyes at the thought, you shouldn’t! Here are 3 reasons it’s important to acknowledge your boss on October 16th.

What is Boss’s Day?

Although many people may think that Boss’s Day was created by the greeting card industry, it was actually started by a secretary back in 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski initially registered “National Boss’ Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to show appreciation for her boss because she thought they deserved it. Another interesting fact, Boss’s Day is observed on October 16 because that is the birthday of Patricia’s father! Finally, Haroski thought Boss’s Day was a worthwhile idea because it could help promote office culture by building a relationship between managers and employees.

“Boss’s Day (also written Bosses’ Day or Boss Day) is generally observed on or around October 16 in the United States. The purpose of designating a special day in the workplace is to show the appreciation for her bosses she thought they deserved. This was also a strategy to attempt to improve intra-office relationships between managers and their employees. Haroski believed that young employees sometimes did not understand the hard work and dedication that their supervisors put into their work and the challenges they faced.”

Why Celebrate Boss’s Day?

reasons to celebrate boss's day

Your Boss Deserves Recognition, Too!

Bosses appreciate positive recognition as much as anyone else. If your boss goes above and beyond, they deserve to be recognized too (just like you)! Think of everything you’ve learned from your boss. Whether it’s their knowledge of the business, tips on how to assimilate into the office culture, or how to progress and grow in your role, Boss’s Day is a terrific opportunity to express your gratitude for their mentorship.

“Your boss is a big part of your life, especially if you have a job that you love. Having a boss that is good at at managing people and who is good to you is something worth celebrating. Why not show them how much you appreciate them with a Boss’s Day gift the whole office can enjoy?”

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It Brings the Team Together

Use Boss’s Day as an opportunity to gather your coworkers to plan how you’ll celebrate the occasion. Whether you decide to throw a party, give your boss a gift, or handwrite a personalized note, this is a great time to get everyone together to showcase your gratitude and appreciation. Your boss will be so impressed (and touched!) to know that you came together as a team to celebrate them. At Edible, we encourage celebrating everyday occasions, so Boss’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to turn an individual event into a team building activity!

“Company-wide celebrations are a great opportunity to get everyone together in one place, and where each team member can really get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. This builds a sense of togetherness and relationships that’ll drive success. Trust, loyalty, honesty, and integrity, are all core characteristics exhibited by successful teams. Company-wide celebrations offer the perfect environment for these characteristics to grow!”

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It Helps You Communicate What (Or Who) Matters

For many of us, our bosses are a critical part of our professional growth, and this occasion serves as an opportunity to step back and appreciate the knowledge and support they have provided us along the way. Use this celebration to highlight what makes your boss unique, why you enjoy working with them, and give meaningful recognition. This is your chance to thank your boss for their support, motivation, opportunities, and encouragement.

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However you decide to celebrate the day, simply acknowledging the efforts of your boss will go a long way! Need some inspiration for what to get your boss this year? Look no further! Take a look at our awesome Boss’s Day collection and WOW them with a gift that will definitely leave them smiling.