10 Fun and Unique 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

It seems like she was just celebrating her first birthday, and now she’s turning 21. Your daughter’s 21st birthday is a huge milestone because it’s the official marker of adulthood. She can now book a hotel room, become an Uber driver, or even adopt a child if she wants to. Of course, such a milestone birthday means a big celebration, and no celebration would be complete without a gift. However, when it comes to buying presents for your children, the older they get, the trickier it can be. Here’s how to crack the code and find the perfect 21st birthday gift ideas for your daughter.

How to Choose a 21st Birthday Gift For Your Daughter

Deciding what to buy your daughter for her birthday can be a challenge. Gone are the days when cuddly toys, dolls, and dress-up clothes would delight your little one. Instead, older children are usually after something a little bit more special and long-lasting. One of the best things you can get your daughter on her 21st birthday is something that’s a bit sentimental, something that remarks on the bond you two share, or all the accomplishments your daughter has already achieved.

On the other hand, you could get her a gift that helps her kick back and relax. Because she’s probably always on the go, sometimes she needs a reminder to take it easy for a while. A gift that she can use to pamper herself can go a long way in reminding her to take time for self-care.

Top 10 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

If you’re still not sure what to get your daughter for this milestone birthday, don’t worry. Here are ten amazing 21st birthday gifts any daughter would love to receive from her parents:

1. Chocolate-Dipped Birthday Box

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: Chocolate-Dipped Birthday Box

This birthday box is packed full of the sweetest treats around. It includes chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered sandwich cookies, and graham crackers covered in decadent chocolate, along with strawberries and cake-shaped pineapple covered in white chocolate and sprinkles.

Cost: $45.99

2. Happy Birthday FruitFlowers®

Happy Birthday FruitFlowers®

Get her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers filled with sunflowers and multi-colored chrysanthemums. It also comes complete with a dozen fresh, juicy strawberries topped with decadent chocolate.

Cost: $87.99

3. The 3-Step Skincare Routine

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: The 3-Step Skincare Routine

It’s never too early to start a skincare routine. These products promote the ultimate in hydration and include a pH balanced milk jelly cleanser, a lightweight moisturizer with a complex that fights redness, and an ultra-moisturizing lip balm.

Cost: $40.00

4. 21st Birthday Gift Necklace

21st Birthday Gift Necklace

This beautiful necklace can be made in gold, rose gold, or silver. It comes with the most touching poem, encouraging your daughter to look back at everything she’s accomplished to build her life and all the wonderful moments that lie ahead.

Cost: $42.00

5. Le Mini Macaron Maxi Deluxe Gel Manicure Kit

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: Le Mini Macaron Maxi Deluxe Gel Manicure Kit

Give her a gift that encourages a little pampering. This manicure kit comes with everything she needs for a manicure right from home, including an LED lamp that dries nails quickly, two polishes, and a few essential nail accessories, including a nail file and cuticle stick.

Cost: $60.00

6. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Get her a set of bath bombs that will turn each bath into a spa-like experience. This set comes with 12 bath bombs made with the highest quality natural ingredients to keep you hydrated in delightful scents including black raspberry vanilla, lavender, mango papaya, shea and coconut, and Victorian rose.

Cost: $26.80

7. Venus et Fleur Mini

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: Venus et Fleur

This set of roses won’t die or wilt after a few days. Featuring nine stunning mini roses in a classic Parisian hat box-inspired square box, each rose has been carefully preserved to last up to a year or more.

Cost: $84.00

8. Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet

Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet

“Wherever life takes you, you will always be my daughter.” That’s the sentiment behind this gorgeous bracelet. It features a delicate two heart design with the “parent” heart in sterling silver plated and the “daughter” heart in brilliant 14 karat gold.

Cost: $87.00

9. Remember Who You Are And Straighten Your Crown Cuff Bracelet

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter: Remember Who You Are And Straighten Your Crown Cuff Bracelet

Another option for a bracelet is this wonderful cuff, which comes in your choice of silver, gold, or rose gold. It reminds your daughter that whenever she feels overwhelmed, all she has to do is remember whose daughter she is and straighten her crown.

Cost: $39.00

10. Birthday Party Gift Box Set

Birthday Party Gift Box Set

Get her a collection of treats that are sure to brighten her day. This party gift box comes with an insulated tumbler, a soy candle, a package of birthday cookie bites, and a beautiful necklace with a toggle clasp.

Cost: $120.00

This year, get your daughter something she really wants as she embarks on adulthood. Choose a sentimental gift or something a bit luxurious that leaves her feeling pampered and loved.