10 Sentimental 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

At eighteen, your daughter is now a full-fledged adult who can vote, open a bank account, join the military, and even move out of your house. An 18th birthday is a huge milestone. Make sure her 18th is one your daughter will always remember with an extra-special gift. Here’s the lowdown on choosing the best 18th birthday gift ideas for your daughter.

How to Choose a Gift for Your 18 Year Old Daughter

Everyone knows it’s a difficult task to shop for a teenager, especially an eighteen year old. Eighteen year olds can be picky, and their interests can change rapidly. If your teenager requests a gift for her birthday, it might be a good idea to honor it. If you’re struggling to coming up with the perfect gift, just go ahead and get her what she asked for. It might not be a surprise, but at least you’ll know that she will appreciate it.

If she doesn’t have any requests, take some time to think about her lifestyle. Is she heading off to college in a few months? She might be thinking about what life in college will look like. If that’s the case, some supplies for school or decor items for her dorm might be the ticket. You can also think about the activities and hobbies your teen enjoys. For example, if she’s into fitness, she might appreciate some new sneakers or exercise gear. Other teens are more into makeup, jewelry, or other accessories. As her parent, you know your teen best, so choose what feels right to you.

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

If you’re struggling what to get the brand new adult in your life, you’re in luck. Here are ten amazing gifts to give your 18 year old daughter:

1. Birthday Wish-Tini® With Confetti Berries

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter: Birthday Wish-Tini® With Confetti Berries

This fun, martini glass-shaped container is packed with a variety of bite-sized, fresh fruit, including strawberries, chocolate covered apple bites, pineapple stars, grapes, and more. It’s all topped off with strawberries covered in cake batter white chocolate and sprinkles.

Cost: $79.99

2. Happy Birthday Platter

Happy Birthday Platter

This platter is filled with decadent treats your daughter won’t be able to resist. It includes an assortment of fresh strawberries covered cake batter white chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate covered apple wedges. Miniature cakes made with fresh pineapple covered in cake batter white chocolate top off the platter.

Cost: $59.99

3. “To My Daughter” Infinite Hearts Pendant Necklace

To My Daughter Infinite Hearts Pendant Necklace

In either a white gold or yellow gold finish, this necklace helps celebrate the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter. It features two hearts that make up an infinity sign, symbolizing a loving eternity.

Cost: $49.95

4. dpnao 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock FM Radio

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter: dpnao 5 in 1 iPhone Charger Dock Station with Alarm Clock FM Radio

This alarm clock will help your daughter wake up in the morning, even when she really doesn’t want to. It features a large display with a dimmer so you can turn the light off at night, Bluetooth for streaming her favorite tunes, and a fast charging iPhone stand that will keep her battery charged as she sleeps all night.

Cost: $66.89

5. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Made with luscious, natural ingredients, these bath bombs leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. You can even buy a subscription so the bath bombs arrive every month or two so your daughter always has a fresh supply.

Cost: $31.99

6. “Daughter, I Love You To The Moon” Personalized Music Box

Daughter, I Love You To The Moon Personalized Music Box

Show your daughter how much you care with this breathtaking mirrored music box. It’s engraved, “I love you to the moon and back,” and can be personalized with her name for a on-of-a-kind treasure she’ll always cherish.

Cost: $34.99

7. Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter: Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set

Featuring marble and rose gold handles and two-tone bristles, this brush set will seriously impress your daughter. It includes a variety of brushes for applying bronzer, blush, and highlighter, as well as eye brushes to blend and define.

Cost: $42.00

8. Baby Elephant Ring Holder

Baby Elephant Ring Holder

This polished silver-plated elephant features an upturned nose, which is a symbol of good-luck. Your daughter can place her rings on the elephant’s nose and her jewelry in the tray base.

Cost: $47.99

9. 3 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

3 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This selfie stick allows you to take group photos at parties, graduation, and anytime you want to capture a moment with friends, as well as all the selfies you could ever imagine. Plus, it’s small and cute enough to throw in a bag and take with you wherever you go.

Cost: $39.99

10. The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift Set

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter: The Herbivore Calm Experience Gift Set

Herbivore’s bath products are made with French pink clay, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla, coconut, and rose. This gift set includes a wood soap dish, sisal scrubber, and soy wax candle in a charming mug that’s scented with peppermint and lavender.

Cost: $27.00

Whether your daughter is into jewelry or makeup, you’ll find something on this list that is sure to light her up with joy. Whatever gift you end up choosing, she’s sure to feel loved and appreciated on her milestone birthday.