10 Sweet 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

You and your loved one have made it to your ten year anniversary! Celebrate this milestone with a gift that symbolizes how thankful you are for the past decade. However, after ten years, it can difficult to find unique and meaningful 10 year anniversary gift ideas. You’ve probably given dozens of birthday, holiday, and anniversary gifts over the years. What should you get that will truly stand out for this special occasion?

How to Choose a 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Traditionally, the tenth anniversary is celebrated with a tin or aluminum gift. These two metals represent durability and strength, along with the flexibility needed for a loving marriage. Today, gifts that meet the tin or aluminum theme aren’t hard to find. You can find numerous aluminum wall hangings, or something off the wall, such as a board game in a tin container.

The modern gift for the tenth year of marriage is diamonds. Diamonds symbolize love and commitment. Ten years together is a huge milestone and it makes sense that such a special gemstone is representative of this benchmark. Consider a heart shaped diamond necklace or even an updated wedding band. If you’re on a budget, think about the fact that daffodils are the official flower of the ten year wedding anniversary. These pretty flowers symbolize rebirth and happiness. Choose a bouquet of fresh daffodils and you can’t go wrong.

Of course, you don’t have to follow a gift guide to make your loved one happy. You can choose something that coincides with her interests. Or, choose a romantic food gift that will satisfy her sweet tooth. You know your loved one best, so you’re just the right person to decide what she’ll appreciate most.

Top 10 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect ten year anniversary gift for your loved one, here are ten gift ideas that you can use as inspiration:

1. A Berry Sweet Bundle

A Berry Sweet Bundle

Strawberries covered in semisweet chocolate and cake batter-flavored white chocolate make this arrangement stand out. A sweet plush stuffed animal and an I Love You balloon complete the package.

2. The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair

Just like you and your partner, this arrangement and box of chocolates is a perfect pair. The arrangement is packed with chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple hearts, and more, while the chocolates are packed with nutty clusters, buttercreams, chewy caramels, and more.

3. Aluminum Bark Cuff Bracelet

Aluminum Bark Cuff Bracelet

Handmade from aluminum for celebrating the tenth year of marriage, this cuff bracelet is the perfect 10 year anniversary gift idea for her. It’s 1.75 inches in width, making a big and noticeable impression on her wrist.

4. 10th Year Tin Aluminum Gift

10th Year Tin Aluminum Gift
Made of tin, this license plate gift is perfect for a loved one who’s a car enthusiast. You can request the date of your wedding or any other special date that means something to you and your loved one.

5. Center of Me Diamond Necklace

Center of Me Diamond Necklace

This diamond necklace will remind your loved one that throughout all of life’s twists and turns, love keeps you centered. It features a round center diamond and a swirling design of surrounding diamonds.

6. Tin Year Anniversary Mug

The “Tin Year” Anniversary Mug is a silver rimmed white camp mug, which makes a thoughtful and personal gift that is sure to stand out in your partner’s mind even months after your special occasion. It’s made with real tin, making it one of the most perfect 10 year anniversary gift ideas.

7. Dainty Daffodil Necklace

Dainty Daffodil Necklace

Daffodils are such happy-looking flowers, this necklace is sure to bring joy to your loved one. A sweet daffodil design is etched onto an 18K gold plated sterling silver pendant, complemented by a smaller pendant with your loved one’s initials.

8. Men’s Mother-of-Pearl Diamond-Pattern Cufflinks

Men's Mother-of-Pearl Diamond-Pattern Cufflinks

The theme of diamonds doesn’t necessarily mean that 10 year anniversary gift ideas are limited to jewelry. These cufflinks are made with a modern, geometric diamond pattern with inlays of mother of pearl and black onyx.

9. Wedding Song on Tin

Wedding Song on Tin

Your favorite song etched into tin makes the perfect wall hanging for your home. Plus, it can be further personalized with your names and wedding date along the bottom.

10. Personalized Tin Star Map

Personalized Tin Star Map

Another tin wall hanging, this one features the map of the night sky during your special night — the night you got married, your anniversary, or another meaningful night you shared with your significant other. The stars are specific to the date and location of your special moment, so it’s a completely one of a kind gift.

A ten year anniversary is truly special, and these 10 year anniversary gift ideas are perfect for this momentous occasion. After spending a decade together in wedded bliss, take the time to celebrate together, relive the memories made, and dream about the things to come.