10 Reasons You Need Edible® Donuts in Your Life


1. Edible® Donuts are made with fresh Granny Smith apples.

edible donuts are made with granny smith apples

Donuts that don’t totally ruin your diet? Count us in.

2. They are dipped in 100% real gourmet chocolate.

And, face it. We could all use a little more chocolate in our lives.

3. These donuts double as fashionable eyewear.

Donuts? As glasses? Groundbreaking. (No really. Groundbreaking.)

4. They make you feel like you can do just about anything.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope… It’s just you enjoying pure happiness in every bite.

5. Use them in a funny Boomerang to send to friends.

Do it for the Gram… #SummerVibes

6. They make terrific gifts.

edible donuts make great gifts
Consider this a not-so-subtle hint. You’re welcome.

7. They are a delicious midday snack at the office.

PRO TIP: Order extras. Your coworkers will LOVE you for it.

8. Edible® Donuts are a perfect addition to kids’ parties.

Colorful AND delicious? Talk about a win-win.

9. They pair great with a frozen mocha drink.

Coffee + Edible® Donuts = the perfect match.

10. Because Edible® Donuts are just plain AWESOME!

These donuts deserve an applause.