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Birthday Party Kits

When you need to plan for someone’s birthday, Edible Arrangements® is your one-stop shop for easy and stress-free birthday party planning. With complete birthday party kits that cover all the essentials, Edible Arrangements® helps you cross several items off your birthday party planning to-do list.

Your Selection: Birthday Party Kits

Birthday Party Kits for Adults

Who says birthday parties are just for kids? If you’re planning a birthday celebration for a friend or loved one, a birthday party kit from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect solution to ensure that you have all the birthday party essentials on hand. Choose crowd-pleasing party platters, mouth-watering birthday-themed fruit arrangements that pull double duty as delightful table centerpieces, and gift bundles complete with bundles of festive Happy Birthday balloons to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Birthday Party Kits for Kids

There are so many things to consider when planning a birthday party for a kid, but Edible Arrangements® makes it easy and fun with birthday party kits for kids that the birthday boy or girl – and all their guests – will absolutely love. From kid-pleasing treats like delectable chocolate dipped fruits, oh-so-delicious birthday cupcakes, chocolate brownies, balloons, and more, our birthday party kits include everything you need to make your favorite kiddo’s birthday party the most memorable yet.

Birthday Party Kit in a Box

Don’t stress over birthday party planning. Instead, get a birthday party kit in a box from Edible Arrangements®. Complete with party snacks, birthday treats like cupcakes, Happy Birthday balloons, and more, our birthday party kits in a box are a done-for-you solution that will make you want to plan a birthday for every friend and loved one – it’s that easy! With an assortment of tasty treats to ensure there’s something for every guest to enjoy, birthday party décor, and of course, candles for the birthday girl or boy to blow out as they make a birthday wish, ordering a birthday party kit in a box means you don’t need to worry about missing anything of importance on the big day.

Birthday Party Kits Delivered

The last thing you want to do when planning a birthday party is drive around to every grocery store, bakery, and party supplies store in the tri-county area just to get all the goods and gear you need to pull the event off without a hitch. Save yourself some time – and a ton of hassle – by having a birthday party kit from Edible Arrangements® delivered straight to your doorstep or your venue. Then, all you need to do is stand by to welcome the guests as they arrive.

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