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Birthday Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

Finding the perfect birthday gift for a 9 year old boy can be challenging, especially if he’s super into one thing – like video games – and already seems to have every possible item related to it. Shop at Edible Arrangements® and choose a delicious birthday gift any 9 year old boy will love, from mouth-watering fruit arrangements to boxes of chocolate dipped fruits, gourmet desserts, themed gift bundles, and so much more.

Unique Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

If you’re shopping for a 9 year old boy’s birthday, the last thing you want to do is get him the same gift as someone else – or a gift he already has. Instead, choose a delicious gift from Edible Arrangements® that’s totally unique and totally amazing. You can even create your own gift by customizing a box of chocolate dipped fruits, a fruit arrangement, or gourmet desserts. Choose a combination of all his favorite flavors like chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate dipped apple wedges, chocolate covered Bavarian pretzels, chocolate sandwich cookies, and graham crackers, chocolate brownies, and more to create a completely personalized gift you know he’ll enjoy.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys Who Like Sports

Many 9 year old boys love sports, but if he already has all the sports gear and memorabilia he could possibly want, finding a birthday gift is easier said than done. Shop at Edible Arrangements® and choose a gift that combines two of his most favorite things: sports and sweets! Choose an arrangement of fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits topped with a few Edible® Donuts. Made of Granny Smith apple slices hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate and decorated to look like footballs, baseballs, and basketballs, it’s a sure win. Or, choose a whole box of our sports-themed Edible® Donuts for a fun twist on a traditional box of donuts that’s sure to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Fun Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

9 year old boys love to have fun, so give him a fun and exciting birthday gift you know he’ll enjoy. Choose a box of semisweet and white chocolate dipped strawberries topped with swirls of bright yellow Swizzle® or white chocolate emoji sentiments to add a little sunshine and happiness to his day. Or, consider a platter filled with emoji-themed treats paired with a cheerful emoji balloon or two for a complete gift that will make his birthday memorable.

Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys Delivered

When you shop with Edible Arrangements®, you can take advantage of our convenient delivery options to have an incredible birthday gift delivered straight to his doorstep – whether he lives in the same home, the same town, or across the world. When you’re short on time, choose a gift from our fabulous collection of next day delivery and same day delivery gifts, so you’ll never miss his birthday or a special occasion again.

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