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Birthday Cake Popcorn

For a unique, indulgent gift that is sure to sweeten up any recipients day, try our gourmet birthday cake popcorn. Shop popcorn gift bundles here!

Your Selection: Birthday Cake Popcorn

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Edible Arrangements® has exciting alternatives to the traditional snacks and treats you’ve become bored with. Try gourmet birthday cake-flavored popcorn to kick your day into a welcome upswing.

The Best Gourmet Birthday Cake Popcorn

Edible Arrangements® has a wide variety of gourmet popcorn that will provide such indulgence, you may very well be starting a new tradition. Delicious kettle-popped corn covered with scrumptious white chocolate, flavored with birthday cake batter is the very epitome of luxurious snacking. Picking a unique gift that also cures a sweet-tooth craving is one that will certainly be appreciated, and opting for the freshly popped popcorn used by Maddy and Maize™ and Edible Arrangements® means you’ll be giving a practical gift that still spoils. Giving birthday cake flavored popcorn is an easy way to show how much you care.

Celebrate with Delicious Birthday Cake Popcorn

By partnering with Maddy and Maize™, Edible Arrangements® can help you celebrate in style. Choose from several gift box combinations, like pineapple cakes and strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and topped with confetti sprinkles, paired with a bag of decadent Birthday Cake popcorn from Maddy & Maize™. It even comes with real birthday candles you can light for a unique and fun twist on the traditional birthday celebration. This makes a perfect gift for their actual birthday when you’re celebrating together on another day or when you just can’t be there in person.

Enjoy Birthday Cake Popcorn Anytime

Just because the name indicates “Birthday” doesn’t mean you have to wait until your birthday to consume it! Anytime is a great time to enjoy the traditional birthday cake flavors you love. Shop with Edible Arrangements® and you’ll get that same classic taste with decadent white chocolate flavor that imitates the beloved cake, covering that pleasing popcorn you can't resist. And even though the taste is just as sinful, you’ll be saving yourself the extra calories and fillers often found in store-bought birthday cakes. After all, every day is someone’s birthday and if you really think about it, by eating this birthday cake popcorn anytime, you’re selflessly celebrating someone somewhere in the world.

Birthday Cake Popcorn Delivered

Whether you’re near or far for their birthday, you’ll still be able to make sure your gift arrives just in time – even if you’ve forgotten the date. Last-minute gifts are no problem when you shop with Edible Arrangements® and choose a gift from our same day delivery or next day delivery options. You’ll still have a wide selection of gifts to choose from, and your gift will arrive without the recipient ever knowing you almost forgot. If you are able to plan ahead, getting the gift delivered is even easier and should you be unable to arrange delivery date of your choice, stop by one of over 1,000 Edible® Store locations worldwide to pick up your choice popcorn and hand deliver it. That way, you’ll also get a quality visit out of your gift giving. And if you stop by just to pick up a little something for yourself, no celebration or gift recipient in mind, your secret’s safe with us.

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