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    Your Selection: Baby Showers
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    Practical Baby Shower Gifts

    Edible Arrangements® makes it easy for you to find perfectly practical baby shower gifts. A wide assortment of flavor and arrangement options let you match the preferences of the mom-to-be so that you can make it an event to remember. A box of Swizzle Berries® or Dipped Fruit™ are great options to start with. If you are looking for something more festive, treat her to an arrangement made with different fruit flower shapes. It’ll serve as a memorable and festive centerpiece for the baby shower!

    Best Baby Shower Gifts

    Everyone wants to give the best baby shower gifts, which is why you should start with Edible Arrangements®. Flavorful arrangements of fruit and chocolate in creative shapes make a gift that everyone will remember. For a subtle and classy treat, try the Swizzle Berries®. The combination of sweet strawberries and decadent chocolate will stand out in the new mom’s mind even when all the other presents are opened. You’re sure to give the best baby shower gift with a fresh, hand-crafted treat.

    Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

    Although most baby shower gifts are chosen to help prepare for a new baby, it is nice to give a gift that the new mom can enjoy. Edible Arrangements® can be the best baby shower gifts for Mom because they are a sweet treat that adults enjoy. There are many options to choose from including strawberries or pineapple daisies. There are even gourmet Belgian chocolate pops in some of the arrangements that elevate them with a whole new flavor profile. By sending a sweet fruit arrangement, Mom will have her pick of the best chocolate and fruit arrangements available.

    Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

    If you want to help make a baby shower memorable, then give the best baby shower gifts for guests with Edible Arrangements®. Each arrangement offers a number of different fruit and chocolate dipped options with more than enough for all of the guests. If you are expecting a lot of guests, there are larger arrangements available designed for large groups. You can also take advantage of the simple elegance of our Dipped Fruit™ boxes to provide a sweet kick to your other food choices. They will help make the party memorable for everyone.

    Baby Shower Gifts for Games

    Every baby shower has games, and you’ll need something to play the games with. Edible Arrangements® can provide the baby shower gifts for games that you need to make the event a success. Pineapple daisies make good props for games as well as snacks the guests can enjoy throughout the party. You can also try the Pineapple Drip Cakes™ as a fun and delicious snack that’ll keep all your guests entertained during each game!

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