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Anniversary Gifts Delivered

Whether you’re celebrating your own anniversary or the anniversary of your parents or friends, our unique anniversary gifts are a fresh new way to make the occasion extra special - and they come hand delivered to wherever they're needed!

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Anniversary Gifts For Her

Whether you’re celebrating your silver, gold or platinum year, our anniversary gifts for her and anniversary gifts for him are a fresh new way to enjoy just how far you've come - and they come hand delivered to wherever they're needed! Say "Happy Anniversary!" with chocolate covered fruit - Choose something sweet from our anniversary collection - it's sure to touch their heart... and their sweet tooth. Edible® fruit bouquets truly are the perfect gifts for anniversaries.

Anniversary Gifts for Him

If you ask us, the perfect anniversary gift for him combines thoughtful sentiment with a snack he’ll look forward to! Choose a fruit arrangement or gift you know he’ll love -- whether it’s Hearts & Kisses™ with strawberries, grapes, chocolate dipped pineapple, and balloons or the Forever In My Heart Berries™ , with its beautiful heart-shaped box of chocolate covered strawberries.

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

In many cultures, a gift of food is a gesture of love. There are no greater anniversary gifts for parents than delicious treats that show them just how much you care. Send a Delicious Celebration® - Dipped Fruit Delight made with semisweet chocolate dipped pineapple daisies and stars and gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped apple wedges, or a Lovely Daisy™ with Dipped Strawberries to celebrate their love. Or, send a Dipped Fruit™ box complete with chocolate covered fruit topped with nuts or white chocolate Swizzle®. If you want to send a gift that shows you thought of everything, consider making it a gift set by adding a Balloon Bunch.

Anniversary Gifts for Married Couples

Sending a box of chocolate covered strawberries is a wonderful way to let a married couple know you’re thinking of them on their special day. With the right combination of sweet chocolate and ripe fruit, it is a gift to enjoy together or with the whole family. Browse our large selection of anniversary gifts for married couples to send the message of accomplishment and celebration.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Instead of sending an anniversary gift that will be forgotten or set on a shelf, send modern anniversary gifts that couples can enjoy right away. Our Delicious Celebration® fruit arrangement can be savored and remembered without guilt. With ripe fresh pineapple, festive fruit blooms, and melon wedges, our unique, memorable anniversary gifts are more than simply delicious – they’re Instagram-worthy.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

For personalized anniversary gifts that the lucky couple will love, consider ordering fruit, chocolate, and other treats are sure to spoil the couple on their special day. Our fresh fruit arrangements make ideal gifts for the health conscious, while a box of chocolate covered strawberries with mixed toppings are an ideal treat. Add a Balloon Bunch or surprise your special someone with the So Very Sweet Gift Set, which includes decadent chocolate dipped strawberries, sweet grapes, and ripe melon, coupled with a love-themed balloon bundle for the complete package. No matter what kind of treats your loved one enjoys, you can find an anniversary gift that meets their unique tastes.

Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends

You don’t have to be celebrating a wedding anniversary to give the gift of an Edible® fruit arrangement. Any of the choices from our collection would make for memorable anniversary gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends, starting from year one. With white and semisweet chocolate dipped banana bites, decadent chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate dipped pineapple mustaches, our Dashing Dipped Fruit™ Trio is the perfect anniversary gift for the guy in your life. Or, choose another option from our wide selection of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ boxes with flavorful toppings. Featuring gifts available in various sizes, you can pick the right box of treats for your boyfriend and your budget.

Anniversary Gift Frequency Asked Questions

What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

There are traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts or themes for each year of marriage. Some gifts can be given as described, such as furniture for your 17th anniversary or pottery for your 9th anniversary. Others, however, should be considered themes to inspire you. For instance, it’s not practical to wrap up a fire to give to your spouse on your 21st anniversary, but you might surprise them with an outdoor fire pit, tiki torches, or jewelry featuring fiery gemstones. Likewise, on your 14th anniversary, you’ll choose a gift for your spouse that has an ivory or elephant theme — maybe adopt an elephant for her from the World Wildlife Federation or give her a cuddly stuffed elephant.

The traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, from your 1st anniversary to your 60th, include:
  • - 1st Anniversary: Paper
  • - 2nd Anniversary: Cotton
  • - 3rd Anniversary: Leather
  • - 4th Anniversary: Fruit or flowers
  • - 5th Anniversary: Wood
  • - 6th Anniversary: Candy or iron
  • - 7th Anniversary: Wool or copper
  • - 8th Anniversary: Bronze
  • - 9th Anniversary: Pottery
  • - 10th Anniversary: Tin or aluminum
  • - 11th Anniversary: Steel
  • - 12th Anniversary: Linen or silk
  • - 13th Anniversary: Lace
  • - 14th Anniversary: Ivory
  • - 15th Anniversary: Crystal
  • - 16th Anniversary: Wax
  • - 17th Anniversary: Furniture
  • - 18th Anniversary: Porcelain
  • - 19th Anniversary: Jade
  • - 20th Anniversary: China
  • - 21st Anniversary: Fire
  • - 22nd Anniversary: Water
  • - 23rd Anniversary: Air
  • - 24th Anniversary: Stone
  • - 25th Anniversary: Silver
  • - 26th Anniversary: Art
  • - 27th Anniversary: Music
  • - 28th Anniversary: Linens
  • - 29th Anniversary: Tools
  • - 30th Anniversary: Pearls
  • - 31st Anniversary: Travel
  • - 32nd Anniversary: Bronze
  • - 33rd Anniversary: Iron
  • - 34th Anniversary: Food
  • - 35th Anniversary: Coral
  • - 36th Anniversary: Antiques
  • - 37th Anniversary: Books
  • - 38th Anniversary: Luck
  • - 39th Anniversary: Laughter
  • - 40th Anniversary: Ruby
  • - 41st Anniversary: Office or desk decor
  • - 42nd Anniversary: Clocks or watches
  • - 43rd Anniversary: Entertainment
  • - 44rd Anniversary: Electronics
  • - 45th Anniversary: Sapphire
  • - 46th Anniversary: Games
  • - 47th Anniversary: Garden or plants
  • - 48th Anniversary: Home improvement
  • - 49th Anniversary: Copper
  • - 50th Anniversary: Gold
  • - 51st Anniversary: Photos or cameras
  • - 52nd Anniversary: Bath or spa
  • - 53rd Anniversary: Plastic
  • - 54th Anniversary: Glass
  • - 55th Anniversary: Emerald
  • - 56th Anniversary: Day
  • - 57th Anniversary: Night
  • - 58th Anniversary: Faith and hope
  • - 59th Anniversary: Charity
  • - 60th Anniversary: Diamond

What are good 1 year anniversary gifts for her?

A great 1 year anniversary gift for her is a gift from the heart. Go with the paper theme by writing her a poem or a letter expressing how much you love living life by her side. Or, go with the modern theme and buy her a stunning clock that represents your eternal love. Pair it with a mouth-watering arrangement of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped fruit, including heart-shaped pineapples, for a complete gift she’ll love.

Do wives buy husbands anniversary gifts?

Yes! While it can be more challenging for wives to find anniversary gifts that fit the traditional or modern themes for each year, many couples exchange gifts on their anniversaries to express their love.

Do you give anniversary gifts to friends?

You don’t have to give an anniversary gift to your friends, although it may be something you want to do on special anniversary milestones, especially if you played a significant role in their wedding. For instance, you might get them a first anniversary gift to commemorate the occasion, or you might buy friends an anniversary gift if you’re attending a vow renewal or anniversary party in their honor.

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