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All Fruit Bouquets & Arrangements

Available in a range of sizes from smaller vases to the spectacular showpieces, our flavorful fruit bouquets are crafted from ripe, fresh fruits and perfect for every individual and any occasion. With pick up and delivery options, as well as special offers for additional savings, shop here to find your perfect fruit bouquet!

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Fruit Bouquets for Her

In choosing fruit bouquets for her, she receives the colorful array associated with floral arrangements with the delicious extravagance of fresh fruit with or without complementary toppings. For her birthday, surprise her with a Birthday Wish-tini® with Confetti Berries or a Happy Birthday Cake and Fruit Bundle Bouquet that includes a celebratory balloon! Have a Rainbow and Butterflies Bouquet delivered to her workplace to celebrate a job well done or lift her spirits during a particularly challenging week. For any occasion or just because, select fruit bouquets for her to put a unique and delicious spin on the traditional flower gift.

Fruit Bouquets Delivered

Most people are no longer strangers to home deliveries; from pet food to toilet paper to groceries, the option to shop for necessities and other items without leaving the house saves time in one’s day. Bring an element of surprise to the next knock on the door or ring of the bell by having fruit bouquets delivered! Missing someone? Let them know you are thinking about them with a Just Because Bouquet® including chocolate dipped strawberries. Want to support someone in their return to health? You can have fruit bouquets delivered and customized for their particular fruit preferences.

Same Day Fruit Bouquets

From the scrumptious delicacy of the Simply Edible™ Bouquet to the celebration of the Chocolate Covered Appreciation Gift that comes with a “Thank You” container and balloons, same day fruit bouquets are the deliveries that everyone hopes to receive. Did your friend find out that a loved one was in the hospital? Show that you are thinking of them with the Peace and Doves bouquet that includes fresh fruit and white chocolate covered pineapple doves. Sending seasonally-inspired, same day fruit bouquets is another wonderful way to express appreciation to a teacher, service provider, work colleague, or anyone who has helped you in a big or small way.

Edible Arrangements® Fruit Bouquets

For over twenty years, Edible Arrangements® Fruit Bouquets have been there to honor, commemorate, celebrate, applaud, and encourage. With so many sizes, containers, add-ons, and price points, these fresh and delicious gifts have helped you express so many emotions across the spectrum and been a joy or support to you, when you have received them. With or without being dipped in chocolate or the accompaniment of a sparkly balloon, plush unicorn, or box of chocolates, Edible Arrangements® Fruit Bouquets will continue to be a premiere gift to and for you in the years ahead.

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