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The story of Edible Arrangements® is a pretty amazing one – it all started with a teenager and a flower shop, after all. From our humble beginnings to the fresh fruit phenomenon we are today, we’ve maintained our core beliefs in invention, investment and imagination. And, as the creators of and leaders in fresh fruit franchising, we also know a thing or two about growth! Today, our headquarters in Connecticut is 100+ strong, and there are over 1000 Edible Arrangements® stores worldwide.

Find out more about working at Edible Arrangements®, and see how you can join our team below.


At Edible Arrangements®, we love what we do, and we have fun doing it. If you’re passionate about the perfect produce, efficient operations, innovative product ideas and more, we want to work with you!

And, we really root for each other here! At Edible Arrangements®, you’ll get to grow and learn with an amazing group of talented, funny, smart people, who will support you in achieving your career goals. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting to live YOUR dream, while helping our franchisees live their dreams.

We have a pretty amazing leadership team, too. Our (unofficial) open door policy means you can interact with our management team on a regular basis. You’ll also have access to career coaching directly from our President & CEO!

But we’re ALL pineapple stars here! The work you’ll do here at Edible Arrangements® will make a difference, and you’ll have a direct impact on the lives of others and our company.

Ready for a fresh new career? Check out our latest job openings, or send us your resume now.



  • Kaitlin Reiss

    Vice President, Ecommerce

    Edible Arrangements International

    When I started working with Edible Arrangements [as a Marketing Coordinator in 2005], I was practically fresh out of college, and I didn’t have very much experience. What I did have was a strong interest in online marketing, and I started pursuing every opportunity I could to work on the Edible Arrangements consumer website, which at the time was really in its infancy… last year [in 2012], earned over $250 million in revenue. I’m amazed every day by how far we’ve come, and that I get the privilege of playing a part in that.

  • Amy Wietmarschen

    Project Manager

    Edible Arrangements International

    I really don’t do the work with the intention of winning prizes or getting recognized. I’m still in shock over the fact that EA [Edible Arrangements] would reward me for doing what I love to do! I feel so lucky that I enjoy what I do, and I come into work every day with a smile. I’m also a firm believer in having fun at work while getting the job done.

    ...Amy on winning our 2012 Pineapple Super Star Award
    -- and a brand new Prius courtesy of Edible Arrangements International!

  • Manny Vargas

    Graphic Designer

    Edible Arrangements International

    Working at Edible Arrangements has given me the opportunity to design awesome graphics and, of course, the chance to be silly. Plus, how can you not get excited over cool looking fruit arrangements? YUMMM!

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